LOOTER PARADISE OF DC: When will two-bit elite politicians realize that real people worked in the stores that have been robbed, looted, and likely closed down for good?


Where riots raged decades ago, shopkeepers again clean up shattered glass

D.C. police respond to UBIQ in Georgetown on Monday after looters reportedly returned during the day while employees worked in the basement. (Amanda Voisard/for The Washington Post)

FROM THE WASHINGTON POST: The smashed windows of a Tiffany & Co. and a Bobby Van’s Steakhouse at the center of downtown. Plywood over the windows of an Apple store, its entrance marked with graffiti that read “Capitalism is Murder.”

A defaced bronze statue of a Revolutionary War hero across from the White House.

On the day after a third massive demonstration devolved into looting, the nation’s capital was a city straining to erase the evidence of destructive chaos.

Storekeepers and property owners swept up glass, scrubbed graffiti and erected barricades to protect their real estate.

The damage was not limited to downtown, extending several miles into normally tranquil residential neighborhoods including Georgetown, Cleveland Park, Tenleytown and Friendship Heights, where packs of looters had broken into a gas station, a liquor store, drugstores, a TJ Maxx outlet and the upscale Mazza Gallerie shopping mall. MORE

What could be more racist than to refer to an entire group of people by their skin color and claim that they were born with ‘privilege’? This is an NBC4 report:

Experts Reflect on How to Address White Privilege, Racial Disparities

News4’s Meagan Fitzgerald speaks to experts about how to have difficult discussions about white privilege and racial disparities in the wake of George Floyd’s killing. “White privilege doesn’t mean you don’t have a hard life. What white privilege means is that your race is not one of the reasons that you have a hard life, Amanda Taylor of American University…

Chief Stawinski Suspends Three Officers; Internal Affairs Investigation Launched Over Use of Force

On June 3, 2020, at noon, Chief Stawinski and the Department’s Executive Command Staff became aware of a cell phone recording of two officers detaining a suspect at a Langley Park gas station.


While attempting to handcuff the suspect, one of the officers kicked him twice. Upon reviewing the video, the two involved officers and their immediate supervisor were suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.“I am sorry and I am angry. I am sharing the video in the interest of transparency. During my tenure as Chief of Police, four officers have been criminally prosecuted for assault. This will be thoroughly investigated and in keeping with past practice, the findings will be referred to the Office of the State’s Attorney,” said Chief Hank Stawinski.
The preliminary investigation revealed the officer who used force observed an assault and attempted to detain the involved suspects. After a foot chase that ended at the gas station, he was able to handcuff one suspect. He is then seen on the video taking the second suspect to the ground. When a backup officer arrived, that second officer assisted the first officer in the apprehension. During that attempt to handcuff the suspect, the first officer kicked the suspect. The two suspects were ultimately released when the assault victim could not be located.


All of the Democratic Party control freaks were screaming about ‘Social Distancing’ just a week ago.



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