RIOT IN VIRGINIA SUBURBS: Virginia State Police trooper hit in head during riot in Prince William County, 4 Prince William Officers injured by mob; terrorists take over protest in DC

VIRGINIA DEMOCRAT DELEGATE SHOWED UP AT PROTEST AND HARASSED POLICE: Del Lee Carter caught up in tear gas as two officers were injured by bricks hurled by rioters.

Prince William Police reported on May 31, 2020 that on May 30 at 8:11 PM, Prince William County police declared an unlawful assembly in the area of Sudley Rd and Sudley Manor Dr in Manassas in response to a protest that became unruly.

The demonstration, which reportedly began around 5:00 PM, started peacefully as protesters exercised their right to assemble uninhibited by police. The crowds increased significantly and became violent as some of the protesters proceeded into Sudley Rd, stopping traffic, and throwing objects at passing motorists and officers. Some of the protesters were also observed standing on top of motorist’s vehicles that were stopped as a result of the obstruction and atop businesses in the area.

As the protest transitioned to unruly, an unlawful assembly was declared. Prince William County officers, with assistance from the Virginia State police, attempted to regain order as crowds were estimated at approximately 250 during its peak. As a result, Sudley Rd was closed from the I-66 interchange to Sudley Manor Dr.

At several points during the incident, the unlawful assembly declaration was repeated, and the crowds were given the opportunity to disperse peacefully. Additional officers from the Sheriff’s Office, Manassas City police, Fairfax County police, and Haymarket police were also called to assist in a support capacity during the unrest. On May 31 at approximately 1:00 AM, crowds dispersed, and order was restored in the area.

During the protests, multiple businesses along the Sudley Rd corridor sustained damage and two small fires were reported to shrubbery and a trash receptacle. Numerous police vehicles were also reportedly damaged throughout the evening.

Four Prince William County police officers were injured during the unrest, one sustaining a significant head injury requiring treatment at an area hospital.

In total, five arrests were made, including the driver of a vehicle charged with DUI and other offenses for driving through a police perimeter, nearly striking officers posted at the location.

The other charges placed as a result of the disturbance included unlawful assembly and obstruction of justice. A significant number of officers assisted during the approximate five-hour unrest period following the unlawful assembly declaration.


Arrested on May 30-31:

Shiine Viniece JACKSON, 35, of 9330 Caspian Way, #202 in ManassasCharged with felony eluding, driving under the influence, obstruction of justice, unreasonable refusal, unlawful assembly, and possession of marijuana count Date: June 30, 2020, | Bond: $3,000 unsecured 

Carl Haskele BERRY II, 39, of 15641 Three Otters Pl in ManassasCharged with obstruction of justice and unlawful assemblyCourt Date: October 15, 2020 | Bond: Unavailable 

Arsheki BERRY, 36, of 15641 Three Otters Pl in ManassasCharged with unlawful assemblyCourt Date: October 15, 2020, | Bond: Unavailable

 Landon Michael PARKER, 39, of no fixed address charged with obstruction of justice and unlawful assembly Court Date: Pending | Bond: Unavailable

Shaquila CAMPBELL, 38, of unknown address charged with unlawful assemblyCourt Date: June 30, 2020 | Bond: Unavailable

 Rony Huriel RAMIREZ MELGAR, 23, of 7616 Monitor Ct in ManassasCharged with disorderly conductCourt Date: September 17, 2020, | Bond: Unavailable

Commercial Burglary | Unlawful Assembly – On June 1 at 12:09 AM. Officers assisting with an initial lawful demonstration in the area of Liberia Ave and Signal Hill Rd responded to Walmart, located at 9401 Liberia Ave in Manassas, Va., for a burglary-in-progress.

After an unlawful assembly was declared by Manassas City police, a small group forced entry into the business through the front doors. Officers were able to quickly mobilize and respond to the business. Entry was confirmed into the store and two arrests were made. The damage was reported inside the store. One man was detained in front of the business and was determined to be intoxicated. A second man was detained after removing merchandise from the business. The crowd quickly dispersed, and no other persons were located inside the store.

Following the investigation, Prince William Police say that both men were arrested.

Arrested on June 1:

Franklin Alexander ORTIZ, 26, of 11009 Kinship Ct, #104 in Manassas
Charged with burglaryCourt Date: July 8, 2020, | Bond: Unavailable 

DIR Ortiz.Soto

Julio Cesar SOTO, Jr., 22, of 12303 Tanalian Falls Ln in Bristow Charged with  unlawful assembly and public intoxicationCourt Date: September 2, 2020, | Bond: Unavailable

VIRGINIA STATE POLICE: Within a short period of time, the protesters turned violent and began throwing bricks, rocks, and bottles at passing vehicles and then at law enforcement. One state police trooper was struck in the head with a brick but suffered only a minor injury as his helmet took the brunt of the impact. A second trooper suffered a minor injury when struck in the leg with a rock.

RIOT IN VIRGINIA SUBURBS: Virginia State Police trooper hit in head during riot in Prince William County

FINAL: Crowds have dispersed in the area along Sudley Rd in Manassas. Officers are assessing the damage reported in the area. A statement is expected later this morning as details are confirmed.


Del-Lee-Carter, Democrat of Manassas, confronts-police-instead-of-protesters-who-turned-violent-and-threw-bricks-and-blocked-traffic-in-Manassas.-Facebook-Live-screen-shot.
This-Virginia-politician, Del. Lee Carter, showed-his-best-form, equaled by many such agitators in scenes across America following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a police officer. This is the first Democrat official spotted confronting police instead of pleading for criminals to stop hijacking peaceful protests. – Civil-unrest-in-Manassas.-Photo-from-Facebook

FROM PRINCE WILLIAM TIMES: After confronting police officers during a protest in Manassas Saturday night, Del. Lee Carter appeared to have been sprayed by some kind of chemical agent by police.

Meanwhile, at least two state police officers were struck by thrown objects, including a brick and a rock, during the protest, according to Virginia State Police.

Carter, D-50th, was filmed attending the protest on Facebook live video at about 10 p.m. Saturday night.

Carter could be seen asking the officers a series of questions before kneeling down in front of a line of police for several minutes. The officers stood shoulder-to-shoulder on what appeared to be the edge of Sudley Road; most held riot shields in front of their faces.


Manassas attorney Shawn Stout advertised his services on Twitter during violence on May 30th

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SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2020 11:05 PM

PWC Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies are on the scene of a civil disturbance in the area of Sudley Road (VA-234) and Sudley Manor Drive in Western PWC. An unlawful assembly has been declared; all persons must vacate the area. If you live in the area, please shelter in place indoors until further notice.

Virginia State Police personnel responded Saturday evening (May 30)  to the area of Sudley Manor Road to assist Prince William County police with traffic and crowd control due to a very large gathering of protesters.

Within a short period of time, the protesters turned violent and began throwing bricks, rocks and bottles at passing vehicles and then at law enforcement. One state police trooper was struck in the head with a brick, but suffered only a minor injury as his helmet took the brunt of the impact. A second trooper suffered a minor injury when struck in the leg with a rock.

The protesters were given repeated verbal commands to disperse at that location, but have refused. In an effort to safely disperse the violent crowd, state police has utilized non-lethal tactics, such as OC “pepper” spray and powder. 
State police will remain on scene through the night to assist Prince William County Police.


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