History in Photos: Presidential travel at sea; Harry S. Truman vacation to Bermuda from Washington, D.C.

In August of 1946, President Harry Truman and key advisors took a two week trip on the USS Williamsburg to Newport, Rhode Island, via the Potomac River, stopping at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, transiting the Chesapeake Bay, C&D Canal to Newport. They were escorted by a Navy warship and paused in Delaware Bay to swim.
Imagine the tough job it was to protect the sharks from this band of politicians.
After leaving Rhode Island, the Presidential voyagers traveled to Bermuda, fished along the way, and visited with the Governor of Bermuda. Challenges in post-war Asia and Europe were topics of discussion as the first steps towards the Cold War were underway.

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Telegram, Walter Bedell Smith to George Marshall, April 11, 1946
President Harry S. Truman-on-fly-bridge of USS Williamsburg on the Potomac River near Mount Vernon, Virginia, the home of the first President, George Washington.
Entering Bermuda, Captain Charles L. Freeman, Commander Bartos, Commander Stirwalt, and Bermuda pilots on the U.S.S. Williamsburg bridge. From the album: The President’s Vacation Cruise.
President Harry Truman-and-party-swimming in Delaware Bay in August 1946

President Harry S. Truman enjoying a swim in the harbor at Cape Henlopen, during his cruise on the U.S.S. WILLIAMSBURG to Rhode Island and Bermuda. 


The Naval Air Station at Quonset, Rhode Island, looking toward the U S S Philippine Sea. The escort ship for the Williamsburg, the U. S. S. Weiss is at right. This photograph was taken from Williamsburg as it carried the President and his party to Bermuda.

Presidential advisor Clark-Clifford-naps-on-Williamsburg
President Truman and his advisors on a trip for fishing-off-of-Bermuda

Onboard the presidential yacht Williamsburg just prior to luncheon for the Governor of Bermuda. Left to Right: Charles Ross; General Harry Vaughan; Ted Marks; Clark Clifford; President Harry S. Truman; John Snyder; George E. Allen; General Wallace Graham and Admiral James Foskett. 

A cabin-on-Williamsburg
President Truman-disembarks from the Williamsburg at Washington, D.C.
Autos in the Presidential motorcade-line-pier-upon-return-of-Truman-to-Washington DC.

President Harry S. Truman (center, back turned to camera), poses for photographers as he leaves the USS Williamsburg to return to the White House after his vacation cruise.

The-Queen-of-Bermuda operated regular service from New York for decades.

Credits: The taxpayers of the United States who provided funding for the Library of Congress, the U.S. Navy, and the Truman Library.

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