When the Good Old Boys want to influence voters in St. Mary’s County in the last few days before the election, they do what always comes naturally to them. They round up the loyalists, fill them full of free beer and bring out a phony evangelist crook to preach the sermon of the Keystone Cops to them to keep them in the fold and cast their votes for the latest bozo to bounce down the yellow brick road of la-la land. 

This time, Sheriff Tim Cameron, seemingly desperate to retain control of the Good Old Boys with his designated survivor, Steve Hall, believes the best way to mollify the populace concerned over the revelation of the criminal record of Steve Hall, who was convicted of assault and sentenced to prison in Colorado, making him ineligible for hiring in most professional law enforcement agencies – but heck – this is St. Mary’s County, after all, is to give him a religious blessing.

The Kings of the Keystone Cops Club


 Cameron sent his minions to the wilds of West Virginia to beckon Pastor Dick to arrive for the Steve Hall Beer Bash. Pastor Dick is also known as Sheriff Dick Voorhaar, who, with Rick Fritz and a gang of deputies, went out on Election Eve in 1998 to remove all available copies of ST. MARY’S TODAY from newsstands. See United States Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit 2003.

Cameron is so desperate and has no shame in dragging Voorhaar back in town because he himself has made a career out of wasting the taxpayer’s money on boondoggles and benefits that keep him and his gang in power. Voorhaar, Fritz, and the defendant deputies who violated the Constitutional rights of voters to decide for themselves what to read before voting on Election Day 1998 cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees defending their illegal actions.  

Wheres the Loot Commissioners. Time to pay Ford for property stolen by deputies from police property held storage.

Why won’t Tim Cameron tell the truth about Captain Steve Hall’s responsibility in the live-fire training exercise that caused rounds to enter a home in Wildwood in 2014? 

Sheriff Cameron suspended Captain Hall for two weeks, said he was “mortified” over the reckless conduct of Steve Hall and others who were firing high-powered weapons in the direction of a residential neighborhood, and promised a full investigation. 

Cameron then asked another agency to investigate the incredibly reckless actions of Hall. Cameron since has concealed the results of the investigation.

In a recent public information act request by THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY, Cameron refused to provide the official investigation with a waiver of fees, saying that many hours of work would be logged running to and fro in the Sheriff’s Headquarters, searching file cabinets under desks, even rushing over the Mike Merican’s house or sending a drone over to Dan Alioto’s hideout to figure out where precisely the HALL SHOOTING INVESTIGATION might be tucked away. Cameron thinks the public is too dumb to realize that the investigation sits in a digital file and can be released with the push of one single keystroke.

Sheriff Cameron can keep the investigation. But then he can’t answer the question.


Supporting Tim Cameron for Sheriff in 2006 was an easy decision for many. 

Sheriff David Zylak failed to take decisive action to fire Assistant Sheriff Steve Doolan, Sheriff Voorhaar’s second in command, over the stolen lumber and building materials which Doolan distributed to his stepson, his best friend, and deputies. Tim Cameron promised to release the Maryland State Prosecutor’s report on The Loot Scandal once he assumed office. 

Why is this important?

Because the reason Cameron repeatedly lied about releasing the State Prosecutor Report on The Loot is that the report likely contains more names, details, and crimes committed by the deputies, some of whom have been promoted by Cameron and still work in the Sheriff’s Department, either as deputies or have been rehired as civilian staffers following their retirements.


The last time an outsider won election to the Sheriff of St. Mary’s County post was when Wayne Pettit won in 1982. Sheriff Pettit shook the deck for two terms, and his last term in office allowed the Keystone Cops to return to run and control the department. Beginning with the election of Dick Voorhaar in 1994, they have been running it ever since as their private club. The club presidency changed hands from Voorhaar to Zylak and has been in the hammy hands of Cameron since 2006. 

Steve Hall will be the latest in a long line of corrupt clowns feeding at the public trough. There are two other candidates in the GOP primary election for Sheriff, and the hapless Democratic Party, full of loons and Marxists, didn’t bother to field a candidate. The other two Republicans are Todd Fleenor, who retired to keep from possibly being fired, and St. Mary’s Commissioner John E. O’Connor.

Fleenor is simply a nutcase and a dream sheriff for a Tabloid Publisher. Voters are double-dog dared to elect this moron and guarantee many years of bountiful stories in THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY.

JOHN E. O’CONNOR: Commissioner O’Connor has come under scrutiny and criticism over the years in this publication. A few times, his actions have been reported and praised. 

What O’Connor did when returning from war in dealing, or failing to deal, with his carryover from the battlefield is the story of America from past wars and the difficulty in assisting veterans with overcoming the mental and physical injuries of conflict. O’Connor wrote about his misdeeds, owned them, and did so in national publications. There is no excuse for any law officer for driving while impaired on our highways, whether leaving from the FOP bar or the National Police Officer’s Memorial.

 O’Connor’s screw-ups weren’t kept a secret, at least not by this publication, unlike the MAGIC BULLETS of Captain Steve Hall or THE LOOT SCANDAL.

The glib and cutesy sudden proclivity of Steve Hall to fess up transgressions on his website and list those of O’Connor are somewhat disingenuous in that Hall never disclosed his criminal conviction. Hall didn’t get a Purple Heart in Saloon Warfare in college in Colorado when he was convicted of assault and sentenced to jail. The remarkable aspect of the availability of web publishing for Steve Hall and his Keystone Cops is that they can participate in spreading the news instead of removing newspapers from stores and newsstands. They publish their little ditties and participate in the First Amendment.

Mike Tyson & Richard Fritz discuss rape. 2002

Sheriff Tim Cameron has campaigned side by side for the last four elections with a rapist who entered a guilty plea to carnal knowledge of a 15-year-old minor child, along with two other men. What does this say about Sheriff Cameron and his endorsement of Steve Hall?

John O’Connor will have to answer for his record as a county commissioner in coming years as he was elected by a large margin by the voters of St. Mary’s County, who sized him and gave him two resounding victories. His record contains successes and failures.

Now, as Commissioner John O’Connor works to show in this campaign and the many interviews available for the readers of THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY that are posted in this publication and on YouTube, the choice is yours. O’Connor makes a case for effective law enforcement to make St. Mary’s County a safer place to live.
THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY urges our readers to vote for John O’Connor for St. Mary’s County Sheriff.

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