The FBI was operating in the 2020 election to be an actor against the expression of views of citizens in violation of the 1st Amendment. Lock up the SOBs. These jerks did what took place in 1998 election.

Cameron catered to drug-dealing burglar instead of citizens who were victims of a home invader


By Ken Rossignol


St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron is leaving Dodge City Lexington Park in a state of turmoil as he heads off to a new job as the commander of the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

An announcement by the State of Wyoming released on October 13, 2022, states that as a result of a nationwide search, Cameron was chosen to be the new Colonel and Administrator of the Wyoming Highway Patrol in January of 2023.

Luke Reiner, the Wyoming Department of Transportation director, said, “Cameron’s commitment to training and education are attributes that will help him succeed in his service to Wyoming.”

Turmoil at the Top! St. Mary’s Sheriff Narco Boss Capt. Dan Alioto Booted; Did States Attorney Notify Defense Attorneys Alioto Is a Liar?

Cameron’s tenure as Sheriff of St. Mary’s County has been marked by excessive use of avoiding accountability for top officials committing crimes and serious policy violations. Cameron has done this by claiming that “personnel” rules prevent him from disclosing why a top commander, Captain Daniel Alioto was under investigation for lying about an investigation and allowed to retire in 2016.


In yet another case, Sheriff Cameron stripped Sgt. William Raddatz of his police powers in December of 2020 and yet allowed to remain on the payroll for another six months to obtain his retirement. Cameron refused to provide accountability for his decision to bust Sgt. Raddatz went from a senior commander to desk duty as a clerk.


Not long afterward, Raddatz, a Fraternal Order of Police official, provided an award to Cameron.

When proof of Captain Michael Merican lying in a police trial board hearing concerning a party fracas in an Ocean City bar was brought to his attention, Sheriff Cameron said that the incident, which occurred two years earlier, was too old to consider. Cameron later promoted Merican to be his Assistant Sheriff with the rank of major.

THE REST OF THE STORY: Clarion bar video cleared Kelly Lowther of slapping Mike Merican; Sheriff Tim Cameron fired her anyway

Cameron recently proposed that the county provide his agency with a new million-dollar command vehicle when the county approved a new $287,000 command vehicle two years ago.

St. Mary’s County officials exposed Social Security numbers for all employees of Sheriff

The Good Old Boys system of Keystone Cops presided over by Cameron has resulted in new deputies being trained and equipped and leaving the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department for agencies that provide more professional advancement opportunities and are not operated like a private club.

ELECTION 2022 The Raucous Ruckus of Campaigns for Sheriff Yields Newest Twist with One Candidate in St. Mary’s, Steve Hall, Revealed to Have Served Time in Jail for Assault

Cameron’s handpicked candidate in the 2022 GOP primary, Captain Steve Hall, was revealed to have been convicted of a violent assault in 1991 and never admitted that he was sentenced to jail for six days in Colorado. Capt. Hall’s ability to have a firearm has been questioned by law officers who know that had St. Mary’s Sheriff Wayne Pettit known of Hall’s criminal conviction, he would never have been hired in 1994 as a correctional officer.

White Elephant draws more wasted tax dollars and DC media tracking Bipartisan Boondoggle! St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron sent Deputies with K-9’s to Canada for airport explosive training while St. Mary’s Airport has never had a single passenger in twenty years

Cameron failed to level with a training sniper school about wearing contacts and took leave to attend the school without notifying the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department about the purpose of his leave. Cameron was elected Sheriff in 2006 after retiring as a deputy and serving as the Emergency Management Director.  Cameron was reelected three times.

Why is Republican St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron covering up for crooked cops? Where’s the loot? St. Mary’s Assistant Sheriff gave $80,000 in evidence to his stepson and a pal and was never charged with a crime

Cameron promised during the 2006 campaign to release the Maryland State Prosecutors report on the Loot Scandal, in which deputies stole $80,000 worth of building supplies that had been seized from a drug dealer. Sheriff Cameron never released the report, which likely would have implicated deputies still in his department.


The Wyoming Highway Patrol was established in 1933, quickly becoming known as the “Guardians of the Cowboy State,” providing law enforcement to the 9th largest state in the Nation. This position manages all work activities for the Wyoming Highway Patrol, administrating a department of approximately 200 sworn and roughly 170 civilian employees who are dedicated to keeping Wyoming roads safe.  In addition to patrolling the highways of Wyoming, the Wyoming Highway Patrol provides statewide dispatch for state law enforcement, commercial motor vehicle regulation through the Ports of Entry and the Executive Detail for the Governor of Wyoming.  As a member of the Wyoming Department of Transportation Executive Team, the Colonel serves at the pleasure of the Director of the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Salary ranges up to $172,000. 

Homeowner warding off an armed invader put in cuffs by Cameron’s deputies, who then escorted the criminal home, not to jail (the home invader was a tipster to the cops)


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