COURT NEWS: G-Men Nail Three Nazis for Plan to Blow Up Power Grids, Worse Than What Biden is Doing with New Executive Order Against Power Plants…like that is possible…

Two Men Sentenced for Conspiring to Provide Material Support to Plot to Attack Power Grids in the United States



By Ken Rossignol

Commentary on the News

The favorite slur of many leftist groups in America is to call anyone they disagree with “Nazis.”

While the very definitely Nazi-like group Antifa and some elements of the Black Lives Matter employ Nazi-style actions against those they wish to silence while calling their often violent actions ‘protests,’ there are self-proclaimed Nazis in America today. A few of them have been sentenced to prison for taking actions to prepare to blow up power grids in the nation.

Several of those convictions recently in Federal Court are listed below and involved Nazis from Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina who plotted attacks on power grids in several states. They obtained arms and explosives for their plans, and many of those items are listed below, in addition to the guilty pleas hammered out in court along with their prison sentences.

The fact that young American men are so thrilled with the legacy of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi sweep of Europe and Africa that led up to World War II is frightening. Much of the ignorance of world history can be laid not only on the inability of some folks to want to learn but at the feet of the educational system, which failed to teach history.

Many of those in education have a socialist slant on history and have a great bias against Western civilization in general and American exceptionalism in particular. Were it not for the great capitalist system in the United States, a great industrial machine could not have been converted to a war machine and manned by a wonderful reservoir of American men to answer the call to arms to beat the Nazis and the Japanese.

Now America is seeing a conflagration of Nazi and Socialists ideology, with young minds polluted with the hate of Nazi philosophy and socialists in the Biden Administration attacking our power grids with new regulations against energy companies.

With Biden’s incredibly stupid acts of shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline on his first day in office, enriching Russia with actions that make Putin wealthier with higher gas and oil prices, causing devastatingly higher prices for home heating oil for Americans along with record inflation, the Nazis who professed a desire (see charging documents below) to cause a new Great Depression could happen. Biden’s socialist administration won’t have to share the blame with the Nazis.

 Economic ruin in the American economy is being successfully plotted at the White House every day and being carried out by a cadre of imbeciles such as Transportation Secretary Butthead, Treasury Secretary Yellen, and the loony Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

Biden has added over five million illegal aliens to the nation in just two years, and while the Department of Justice rightly prosecutes and convicts murderous Nazis who wish to blow up the power grid, the official actions of Joe Biden act to allow the Cartels and China to invade the nation with Fentanyl.

Worse yet, there is now evidence that Biden’s team, headed by Antony Blinkin, plotted to interfere with the 2020 election and, with the help and aid of top intelligence officials, worked to change the results of the election with scheming and manipulation of social media with the complicity of the mainstream media.  Richard Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell earned a place in corruption history, and soon Attorney General Merrick Garland may have to get Mitchell to move over so he can share the glory.

Summary of Holocaust: from Eisenhower Library

The Holocaust was a deliberate and systematic extermination of European Jews during World War II. As the Allied Powers fought Nazi Germany’s domination of Europe, Adolf Hitler’s henchmen were carrying out a mass annihilation of the Jews in Europe at their numerous concentration camps. The total number of Jews murdered during this genocide has been estimated to be nearly 6 million. Besides European Jews, there were many other groups targeted for destruction. They included the handicapped, mentally ill, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals and political dissidents.

Report, “Economic Life in Poland” (report covering period from January 1st to April 30th, 1942) which includes a 13-page description of various concentration camps, July 1942 (35 pages) [Paul Sturman Papers, Box 3, Poland (3); NAID #7330178]


Biden admin preparing major crackdown on power plants that fuel nation’s grid
Expected power plant rule is ‘latest in President Biden’s anti-fossil fuels agenda,’ energy industry group tells Fox News Digital

China is ‘laughing behind our backs’ at US’s constant climate push: Steve Moore

Fox News contributor Jonas Max Ferris and economist Steve Moore joined ‘Cavuto Live’ to discuss Biden’s decision to sign an ‘environmental justice’ executive order.

Prosecutor: Domestic Terrorism Plot was in Furtherance of White Supremacy

Two men were sentenced in federal court on April 21, 2023, to crimes related to a scheme to attack power grids in the United States in furtherance of white supremacy.


Jackson Sawall swallowed poison Fentanyl when captured but he survived the suicide attempt


Seven years in the slammer for a would-be mad bomber

Christopher Brenner Cook, 20, of Columbus, Ohio, and Jonathan Allen Frost, 24, of Katy, Texas, and West Lafayette, Indiana, each pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists. Cook was sentenced to 92 months in prison, and Frost was sentenced to 60 months in prison. Jackson Matthew Sawall, 22, of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, was also charged and pleaded guilty in February 2022 in connection with the scheme and will be sentenced at a later date.

Jonathan Frost will spend five years in prison getting to know his fellow Nazis a bit better

“These defendants plotted armed attacks against energy facilities to stoke division in furtherance of white supremacist ideology, and now they are being held accountable,” said Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen of the Justice Department’s National Security Division. “The Justice Department will not tolerate the use of violence to advance any extremist ideology, and we remain determined to protect our communities from such hateful acts of terror.”

1945: The Nazis were exposed for MURDER FACTORY as Allied forces advanced towards victory; this is but one account of an extermination camp.


“At the root of every terrorist plot – whether foreign or domestic – is hate,”

U.S. Attorney Kenneth L. Parker for the Southern District of Ohio

“At the root of every terrorist plot – whether foreign or domestic – is hate,” said U.S. Attorney Kenneth L. Parker for the Southern District of Ohio. “As a society, we must be vigilant against online radicalization, which is a powerful tool used by extremists to recruit both juveniles and adults.”

“The defendants, in this case, conspired to provide material support to terrorism by putting plans in place to damage America’s infrastructure, motivated by their adherence to racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist ideology,” said Assistant Director Robert R. Wells of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. “When individuals move from espousing ideas to planning or committing acts of violence, the FBI will investigate and take action to disrupt their plans. Today’s sentencing demonstrates the commitment we have to work with our partners to bring violent extremists to justice and to protect our communities.” 



According to court documents, in the fall of 2019, Frost and Cook met in an online chat group. Frost shared the idea of attacking a power grid with Cook, and within weeks, the two began efforts to recruit others to join in their plan.

As part of the recruitment process, Cook circulated a book list of readings that promoted the ideology of white supremacy and Neo-Nazism. By late 2019, Sawall – a friend of Cook’s – joined the conspiracy and assisted Cook with online recruitment efforts, operational security and organization.

The plan was to attack the substations, or power grids, with powerful rifles

Charging documents

As part of the conspiracy, each defendant was assigned a substation in a different region of the United States. The plan was to attack the substations, or power grids, with powerful rifles. The defendants believed their plan would cost the government millions of dollars and cause unrest for Americans in the region. They had conversations about how the possibility of the power being out for many months could cause war, even a race war, and induce the next Great Depression.

Frost also provided Cook and Sawall with suicide necklaces during the Columbus meeting. The necklaces were filled with fentanyl and were to be ingested if and when the defendants were caught by law enforcement.

In February 2020, the co-conspirators met in Columbus, Ohio, to further discuss their plot. Frost provided Cook with an AR-47, and the two took the rifle to a shooting range to train.

Plotters wanted to start a race war, cause a Depression

Frost also provided Cook and Sawall with suicide necklaces during the Columbus meeting. The necklaces were filled with fentanyl and were to be ingested if and when the defendants were caught by law enforcement. Both Cook and Sawall expressed their commitment to dying in furtherance of their mission.

Upon arriving in Columbus, Sawall and Cook purchased spray paint and painted a swastika flag under a bridge at a park with the caption, “Join the Front.” The defendants had additional propaganda plans for their time in Ohio, but they were derailed during a traffic stop, during which Sawall swallowed his suicide pill but ultimately survived.

Court documents detail that Cook and Frost continued to travel together after their Ohio meeting, and drove to Texas in March 2020. Cook stayed in different cities with various juveniles who he was attempting to recruit for their plot.

The allegations of this Information are realleged and by this reference fully incorporated herein for the purpose of alleging forfeiture to the United States of America, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 924(d)(1) and 18 U.S.C. § 981(a)(1)(G), as incorporated by 28 U.S.C. § 2461(c).
9. Upon conviction of the offense alleged in the Information, the defendant, JONATHAN ALLEN FROST, shall forfeit to the United States all firearms and ammunition involved in or used in the offense of 18 U.S.C. § 2339A(a) alleged in the Information, and all assets acquired or maintained with the intent and for the purpose of supporting, planning, conducting, or concealing any act in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2339A, and all assets derived from, involved in, or used or intended to be used to commit any such violation, including, but not limited to the following property seized during the investigation in this case:
a. A black Armalite Platform Carbine firearm bearing no Serial Number; b. Assorted ammunition, including, but not limited to:
• Approximately 50 rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition;
• Approximately 84 rounds of Tulammo brand 7.62 X 39mm ammunition;
• Approximately 2 black Duramag 7.62 X 39mm magazines; and 3 Case: 2:22-cr-00019-JLG SEALED Doc #: 3 Filed: 02/07/22
• Approximately 6 Tulammo brand 7.62 X 39mm shell casings.
c. A Smith and Wesson 9 mm pistol, SN: 42490; d. A Rugar Mark IV, 9 mm pistol, SN: S00076647;
e. An AR Pistol with no identifiable Serial Number;
f. Approximately 13 rounds of assorted ammunition and 2 empty magazines;
g. Two grenade shells;
h. A Black Silencer, bearing no identifying numbers; i. A Silver Silencer, bearing no identifying numbers;
j. A Flash adapter; k. A Recoil spring;
1. A Buffer weight;
m. A magazine release; n. Three incomplete suppressers bearing no identifying numbers;
o. A jig;
p. A bag containing a glue gun, glue sticks, twine, and a torque compressor;
q. Rubbermaid cone paper cups;
r. A funnel;
s. Sandpaper; t. A Proctor Silex portable burner;
u. 2 Wooden Sticks;
v. Pipes, including, not limited to: 2 plastic and 4 PVC;
w. A pot with residue;
x. A black threaded pipe piece;
y. Mortar and pestle;
z. Magnesium strips; an. Assorted batteries and wires;
bb. A metal device inside a tissue;
cc. Assorted black, gray, white, yellow, and red powdery, unknown substances; dd. A Benfei USB, including its contents;
ee. A Thinkpad Laptop, bearing identifying number 64D4DA163AFB4GR, including its contents; 4 Case: 2:22-cr-00019-JLG SEALED Doc #:
3 Filed: 02/07/22

ff. A black Samsung cellular telephone, IMEI: 35531073599766, including its contents;
gg. A Crucial hard drive, SN: 1609F017D421, including its contents;
hh. A Toshiba hard drive, SN: 43NX1VZNSNR7, including its contents; ii. A My Passport Ultra Drive hard drive, SN: WYC1A34E0691, including its contents; and
jj. A Seagate hard drive, SN: ZIESLE8H, including its contents.
Forfeiture pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 924(d)(1) and 18 U.S.C. § 981(a)(1)(G), as incorporated by 28 U.S.C. § 2461(c), and Rule 32.2 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jessica W. Knight for the Southern District of Ohio and Trial Attorney Justin Sher of the National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section are prosecuting this case.

The case was investigated by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Columbus, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and Houston. The U.S. Attorney’s Offices in the Eastern District of Wisconsin and Northern District of Indiana provided valuable support.

Jackson Matthew Sawall guilty plea

Frost plea agreement

Frost sentencing memo

Christopher Brenner Cook Guilty Plea Agreement

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