Politics in Toons: Starring Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening – When The Washington Post ignored the affair of the liberal Democrat who was sleeping with his deputy chief of staff on love trysts on the state yacht and foreign trips – paid for by the taxpayers –

For two years the Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post both ignored and spiked the story of Maryland Governor Parris Glendening conducting an affair with his Deputy Chief of Staff. Glendening promoted her over other female staff members with whom he was not having sexual relations, giving her $31,000 in raises over a period of three years until ST. MARY’S TODAY broke the story.

ELECTION 2018: General Election Endorsements

ELECTION 2018: General Election Endorsements GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND: LARRY HOGAN – hands down is the best Governor of Maryland in decades. The Democratic Party has devolved into a pity party of pampered elitists supported by a network of self-entitled tax-takers, mental midgets, and screaming ninnies. The party that provided Maryland with excellent Governors in the …

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