DWI HIT PARADE: Maryland State Police North East Barrack March 2018 DUI Arrest

Officer Noah Leotta Memorial Sobriety Checkpoint on Dec. 16, 2015, on Rt. 228 Waldorf Md. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

DWI HIT PARADE: Maryland State Police North East Barrack March 2018 DUI Arrest

NORTH EAST, MD -The Maryland State Police is committed to reducing impaired driving and preventing alcohol/drug-related accidents.  The North East Barrack’s aggressive stance resulted in over 1,302 traffic stops in March 2018, with 28 of those stops leading to arrests of impaired drivers.  Some of the investigations relating to impaired driving remain open and may not be included, but here is a list of the North East Barrack’s DUI arrests for March:

(Elkton) – Jerry Eddy Roman Castillo, 21 YOA, Bear, DE

(North East) – John Howard Piece, 45 YOA, North East, MD

(Elkton) – Daniel Wayne Haley, 45 YOA, Elkton, MD

(Elkton) – David Michael Hill, 47 YOA, Elkton, MD

(North East) – Daevon Alvin Corbett-Long, 25 YOA, Havre de Grace, MD

(North East) – Thomas C. Thorton, 62 YOA, Elkton, MD

(Elkton) – Thomas C Shaffer, 46 YOA, Newark, DE

(Elkton) – John L. Richards, 42 YOA, Elkton, MD

(Elkton) – Craig Irvin Tillert, 47 YOA, Baltimore, MD

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(Conowingo) – Christopher Robert Quinn, 36 YOA, Conowingo, MD

(Elkton) – Tony Marco Scantick, 32 YOA, Perryville, MD

(Rising Sun) – Timothy Adam Brady, 30 YOA, Bel Air, MD

(Elkton) – Jose Luis Torres Luna, 41 YOA, Newark, DE

(Elkton) – Christina Lynn Knote, 36 YOA, Elkton, MD

(North East) – Roger Kenneth Blakeley, 58 YOA, North East, MD

(Elkton) – Sherry Ann White, 55 YOA, Newark, DE

(Elkton) – Brian James Weir, 29 YOA, Wilmington, DE

(Elkton) – Brandon Allen Willis, 23 YOA, Elkton, MD

(North East) – Florimar Rosado, 37 YOA, Oxford, PA

(Elkton) – Alexandra Maribel Cruz, 25 YOA, Elkton, MD

(Elkton) – Alfredo Tomas Cartagena Santamaria, 27 YOA, Silver Spring, MD

(North East) – Sheree Victoria Cook, 38 YOA, Rising Sun, MD

(North East) –  Luis Bernal Castaneda, 41 YOA, Rising Sun, MD

(Elkton) – John Anthony Dericco Jr., 30 YOA, Townsend, DE

Drunk/impaired driving can result in serious crashes, injuries or death.  Anyone who observes what they believe to be a drunk or impaired driver should call 9-1-1.

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