Charles County Sheriff Police Beat: Convicted drug dealer Dejuan Hart busted while packing a loaded gun in Burger King

Charles County Sheriff Police Beat: Convicted drug dealer Dejuan Hart busted while packing a loaded gun in Burger King

UPDATE: Dejuan Tracy Hart was allowed to be free on bond by a District Court Judge in Charles County and failed to appear in court for trial on multiple occasions in 2018.

WALDORF, MD. – Why would a convicted drug dealer walk into a Burger King with a gun?  Usually, the purpose is to stick up the joint and demand double fries with his order. Or, maybe as he fumbled for his money, he had to take his gun out of his pocket and lay it on the counter. Police didn’t report on exactly how this ex-con’s gun was noticed. Still, once more, the jig was up for this career criminal, and now he is back in the hoosegow where he belongs – a destiny thwarted by plea deals when he was indicted for armed robbery and carjacking.

Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry reports that on April 23, 2018, at 5 p.m., officers received information about a male who was possibly in possession of a handgun at the Burger King located in Waldorf on Smallwood Drive West, across from the Mall.

Sheriff Berry reports that Officers arrived and observed a man fitting the suspect’s description. He was in possession of a loaded handgun, which was in his coat pocket.

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Police say that the gun-toting burger patron, Dejuan Hart, is prohibited from possessing any firearms.

Dejuan Tracey Hart, 32, of no fixed address in King George, Va., and formerly from the crime town of PG County, was arrested by Charles County Sheriff’s Officer R. Gottschall and charged with illegal possession of a handgun and other related charges.

Hart is still in jail as of April 24th, and he will be represented in court by a free attorney provided by taxpayers.

Hart was indicted by the Charles County Circuit Court Grand Jury on Nov. 27, 2006, and on July 31, 2007, entered an Alford Plea to the charge of possession of marijuana while the drug dealing charge was dropped. THE DEAL: Hart was sentenced to jail for one year, with all of the jail time suspended.

Hart, who occasionally works as a rooster in the Bryans Road area of Charles County is also a suspect in a paternity and child support case being pursued in Charles County Circuit Court by the Charles County Child Support Unit of the local welfare agency with Victoria Lauren McDowell as the plaintiff. Hart’s reign as a rooster apparently reached to Volusia County, Florida, which requested that Charles County put the brakes on Rooster Hart and squeeze some chicken feed out of him to pay for his baby momma.

Hart was charged in Volusia County, Florida with felony possession of stolen credit cards and the fraudulent use of credit cards twice in six months on April 20, 2016, and is currently wanted for the felony charges as well as child support.

Hart was indicted on multiple counts of armed carjacking, armed robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and first and second-degree assault by the Charles County Circuit Court Grand Jury on Aug. 11, 2003.  Hart was living in King George, Va., at the time of the indictment.  With free attorneys from the public defender’s office at his mouthpiece, it was LET’S MAKE A DEAL in Charles County Circuit Court on June 23, 2009.

Hart entered an Alford Plea to misdemeanor conspiracy for first-degree assault, and the Charles County States Attorney dropped all eighteen other criminal charges. THE DEAL: Ten years in prison with credit for time served of 296 days and probation of five years. Since this is the Alice in Wonderland of Justice in Maryland, Hart was released from jail and put on probation almost immediately. Since Hart is a typical criminal, his career choice found him in violation of the terms of his probation, and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest on Dec. 21, 2010.

Therein is the story of how mothers with small children found themselves in the Waldorf Burger King along with a violent gun-toting criminal, courtesy of the failed system of justice in Maryland, run by yahoos who believe all the baloney about the rehabilitation of hardened criminals being true. Prison is the only place for Dejuan Hart.


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