ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s County Commissioner Debate

St. Mary’s Commissioner Debate featured two Democrats on left, and two Republicans on May 21, 2018

ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s County Commissioner Debate

Between the two Democrats, on left, vying for St. Mary’s Commissioner District for Hollywood and Leonardtown; and the two Republicans, on right, competing in the June Primary for the Ridge / Valley Lee area of St. Mary’s

Political Commentary by Ken Rossignol


Between the quirky questions posed by the League of Women Voters and NAACP audience at the Lexington Park library and the responses for many of the questions, Rose Frederick and AnnMarie Abell likely should be applying for jobs as social workers rather than county commissioner. 

At far right, is Republican Eric Colvin who proved he has a fair command of the duties of the job. The old guy next to him apparently is running in the proud tradition of Jack Rue as a way to keep the juices flowing while in retirement and to accomplish that goal by running for office.





The three candidates on the left proved that the approximately 200 people who left the forum when it came time for this segment to begin made the right decision to head for the hills.  

Rose Frederick believes she is running for School Board. AnnMarie Abell said about 20 times — but who’s counting — that she is a leader and a problem solver without pointing to an example other than her tenure as a federal employee, not exactly a place known for solving problems or breeding leaders.

The reader can rest assured that none of the candidates are actually in favor of sexual assault or domestic violence and they all embrace diversity and cheap housing. 

This has to be one of the poorest assemblies of candidates for the post of St. Mary’s Commissioner in decades. The Democratic candidates are a perfect reflection of the devolution of the Democratic Party in St. Mary’s County and why the Republicans are sweeping the board in local elections.

Pray that the winning Democrat of the two candidates on the left in the June 26th primary should not stand a chance of beating Republican Commissioner Mike Hewitt in November.

Watch this punishing video, if you dare, and make up your own mind. On the other hand, this debate was cheaper than Pay on Demand movies.

VIDEO courtesy of The Baynet.

Politicians asking for your vote: RATINGS:

Democrats / One Donkey for really sad to five Donkeys for wonderful

Republicans / One Trump for awful to five Trumps for great



ERIC COLVIN: Three Trumps

MIKE THE OLD GUY: He owes the viewers one Trump

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