Is there a better way to test a tree stand?

A 59-year-old Montgomery County Deer Hunter (Stand was being set-up prior to the opening of archery season) fell approximately 17 feet while setting up his ladder type stand. Once the stand was in place the victim climbed up and proceeded to step onto the platform at this point the ladder portion began to buckle about the mid-way point causing the victim to fall out. The victim was not wearing a safety harness. The victim suffered a fractured leg, multiple fractures to the face as well as multiple abrasions and bruises.

Hunter’s mistake led to broken back

A 22-year-old Frederick County (Archery season) deer hunter fell approximately 18 feet after climbing up in a ladder type stand then stepping out onto a hang on stand set up in the same tree. From the investigation that followed it was determined that the stand was in poor condition along with the hook and loop strap used to secure the stand to the tree. Apparently when the victim put his entire weight onto the stand the strap failed causing the hunter and stand to fall to the ground. The victim was not wearing a safety harness. The victim sustained three fractures to the lower spine.

A child molester from Ohio moved to Golden Beach, Maryland and was found dead hanging from a deer stand by an Amish man who was out deer hunting in Charlotte Hall, Md., in 2008.

Quick release sent hunter to the ground

A 63-year-old Worcester County (evening prior to early muzzleloader) deer hunter fell approximately 15 feet from a homemade (approximately 15-year-old) box style stand. Apparently, the stand is accessed through a hatch door on the platform of the stand.

While climbing down from the unit the handle on the hatch door broke off causing the hunter to slip on the steps and fall to the ground. The victim sustained only minor injuries and was not wearing a safety harness.

Maryland Natural Resources Police Officer lays in wait for a deer poacher in Charles County, Md.. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Hunter killed in ATV rollover

A 57-year-old Frederick County (archery season) deer hunter was found deceased due to an apparent ATV rollover accident. The victim was pronounced deceased on a embankment at the scene. It was later ruled that the victim died from compressional asphyxia.

Hunter’s weight trimmed by a pinky

A 46-year-old Frederick County (archery season) deer hunter fell approximately 20 feet from a ladder style tree stand while attempting to install a hang on stand above the existing stand. The existing stand buckled while the hunter’s weight was supported on the platform. The victim suffered lacerations to both hands and a severed pinky finger. The victim was not wearing a safety harness.

Drinking in tree stand caused tipsy hunter to begin day of hunting with a crash

A 49-year-old Cecil County (muzzleloader season) deer hunter fell approximately 12 feet when he fell asleep while on the stand. The hunter admitted to having a shot of Jägermeister and drinking a beer prior to sunrise while in the tree stand (also having been out drinking the evening before). The hunter luckily only sustained minor injuries but was subsequently charges with six counts of violating natural resources laws and regulations, including hunting with a modern firearm during muzzleloader season.

Kayak proved to be near fatal for duck hunter

A 46-year-old Anne Arundel County waterfowl hunter was rescued from frigid icy waters after an emergency call was dispatched from the Natural Resources Police Communications Center. The waterfowl hunter was located hanging onto his kayak near the mouth of the Patapsco River. The hunters head was the only thing above water and barely conscious at the time of contact and barely able to speak. The victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries but was lucky that someone had observed the incident and was able to call for emergency response with their cell phone.

Duck hunter in kayak shot self in foot

A 49-year-old Cecil County waterfowl hunter shot himself in the foot while utilizing a kayak to go out onto the river in an attempt to retrieve several crippled ducks. Three of four ducks were successfully recovered when the hunter covered his lower leg and the shotgun discharged. The hunter’s kayak, jacket, gloves and shotgun were all icy and the hunter didn’t exactly recall how the gun discharged. The hunter was transported to the nearest hospital (which was in Delaware) with non-life-threatening injuries.

Greedy-Goose-Gang-Reid-Franklin,-Eric-Robertson,-and-John-Darbie-Hillbilly-Pirates – An NRP officer displays geese seized from hunters found in violation of hunting regulations.

Hillbilly Poachers Greedy Geese Gang & Pot-head Duck Hunters DUI (Deadheads Under Influence)

Goose shot dead, fell on hunter’s head

A 51-year-old Talbot County goose hunter received multiple trauma to the head and face when after shooting at a group of geese with other members of the hunting party was struck in the head by a goose that had just been shot. The hunter was flown out by State Police Trooper 6 helicopter to Shock Trauma. The victim recovered shortly after.

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