Note: The photo in this graphic includes the notice on the front door of St. Mary’s Landing posted on Sept. 10, 2019, by the Health Dept. and a photo of owner Billy Hill with slot machine king Frank Moran during the time illegal slot machines were in St. Mary’s Landing prior to being removed by the State of Maryland. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

St Mary’s Landing was the original, ‘Steve Dulin’s Steak House’, built in 1955. Slot machines were legal in St. Mary’s and Anne Arundel County MD at that time – Steve Dulin’s Steak House was a prominent restaurant in St Mary’s County and was patronized by people from metro Washington DC and Baltimore as well as a favorite of county residents.  It was a recognized gathering place and renowned for serving the finest food i.e., steaks, seafood as well as a preferred place for breakfast and lunch. It catered a dinner event for President Dwight D Eisenhower and was a favorite stop for former Governor Marvin Mandel whom often traveled to St. Mary’s County to visit friend/s as well as many of the Navy’s greatest pilots that trained at PAX Naval air station.

Thanks to Steve Dulin for providing the above information.


Have you had an extra crunch to the fried chicken you love so much at St. Mary’s Landing?  How about the creamed chip beef which may have extra protein?  Did the bacon bits or the raisins move around on the buffet unit and you didn’t have your glasses as you fixed a salad and couldn’t figure it out?
Chances are, your food has been supplemented with vermin and cockroaches.


CHARLOTTE HALL, MD. – The popular St. Mary’s Landing restaurant in Charlotte Hall has been shuttered on Sept. 10, 2019, by the St. Mary’s County Health Department due to general unsanitary conditions and a major cockroach infestation. In addition, mold and filth are present all through the kitchen and bar area of the restaurant which dates back decades in Charlotte Hall.

Once the Frank Abell Steak House bustling with diners from the Washington area to play slot machines, and then through various owners such as the Charlotte Hall House of Ribs; Billy Hill bought the property after he sold his restaurant located at the intersection of Rt. 5 and Rt. 235 in Mechanicsville, known as the Halfway House to the Wawa corporation.

Hill gained fame the most recent time for his restaurant by loading up illegal slot machines until they were ordered removed.

The operator of the St. Mary’s Landing, according to Health Department records regarding being responsible for failing to keep the restaurant clean and healthy is listed as Mona Hill.

Billy Hill, owner of St. Mary’s Landing in Charlotte Hall, Md.

The Health Department records reflect that the inspector responded to the venerable dining spot due to complaints from the public about the creepy crawly roaches making appearances in public spaces.

St. Mary’s Landing, as does other food service facilities in the area, hires convicted killers, drug dealers and armed robbers who are inmates at the nearby Maryland prison pre-release camp at Hughesville as employees.

Health Inspectors: On The Take Or Just Incompetent In Charles County? Georges Ribs Fiasco Makes Folks Wonder.

Perhaps the management is intimidated by such ruffians working in the kitchen and failing to keep the facility clean or perhaps the management plainly does not care or wants to spend the money on a professional exterminator to keep roaches, rats, mice, and other vermin and rodents out of the restaurant.

Food Facilities Ordered Closed In Baltimore City As Of Sept. 10, 2019

Cited as examples of the extreme measure of closing are the following deficiencies which must be rectified before the large restaurant can reopen:

  • Back of Prep Unit notice roach presence
  • Gap between prep unit on wall roach presence, all areas between equipment, top of equipment, under equipment unclean throughout
  • Bare hand contact with ready to eat foods
  • Hand sink not available, not in service
  • Mold at hand sink
  • Wheels casters not clean
  • Storage closet AT BAR needs to be cleaned
  • Signs of self-extermination
  • BAIT station above bar Beverage
  • Interior of BAR Coolers unclean
  •  Ventilation screens throughout unclean
  • All refrigeration gaskets molding unclean
  • The refrigerated walk-in floor need cleaned
  • Floor by two-compartment sink needs to be cleaned
  • Spray bottles unlabeled
  • Greasy cardboard and debris under and behind fryers
  • Surfaces and sides of food-preparation units dirty and greasy
  • Electrical conduits above cook line greasy and dirty
  • Griddle top unit area dirty and needs cleaned
  • Seal holes in ceiling and conduits
  • Gaskets moldy need cleaned or replaced
  • All refrigeration units need cleaned and wiped out
  • Debris in buffet unit surfaces
  • The entire facility needs thorough cleaning to remove all harborage
  • MAIN KITCHEN □ once the facility is cleaned entire facility needs to be serviced by professional exterminating service.
  • Will be re-inspected by the Health Dept.
  • All signs of insect and harborage must be removed and cleaned
  • Facility to remain closed until re-inspected and approved for safe food service by health dept
Many large groups and families gather for events at St. Mary’s Landing including this campaign fundraiser for Judge Karen Abrams in 2004. Former Congressman and Sen. Roy Dyson, left, Judge Abrams, former Del. Ernie Bell. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Floor drain by kitchen hand sink clogged and backed-up



  1. Omg come on. This place is a Respectable establishment . What restaurant don’t have roaches. I worked in the place for a year and didn’t see all this. Someone felt it was there civic duty to get them in hot water. And as far as the Inmates they are grateful to have a job and they pay a large percentage of their money a month to the camp for a van ride there. They have very strict rules there. Would you rather they don’t get back in the groove of working the being of becoming productive members of society? These people served there time and are humans just like you. And as far as the history of the slots Mr. Hills were not lining his pockets. The machines were ran for individual non-profits helping our community. Billy Hill is a public servant running a business that many people love. Roaches and All.

    1. Really? The list of issues is more than a couple infractions. And I have worked in the food and restaurant business for 45 years, and I know very well that this many issues has had to have been going on for a long time to be in the conditions that they are. So that means someone in the Health Dept HAS NOT BEEN DOING THEIR JOBS EITHER. I haven’t eaten at this establishment for many years because of some of the same exact issues they have been shut down for now. Including when a rodent was found in a buffet chaffing container with food inside that was put on the breakfast buffet some years ago. Face it Management has NOT BEEN LOOKING OUT FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS HEALTH TO ALLOW THESE HORRIBLE CONDITIONS TO GET THIS BAD!

  2. Sure looks like it’s been let go for more than just a little while. The results of the inspection are very upsetting & sickening. I wonder how long it’s been since they had an honest inspection. And I think it’s sad that Mr Hill let Mona take the blame . GM or not he’s in there and can see it for himself !

    1. I agree, I have known Both of them all my life, and was a regular at the orginal Halfway House Restaurant before moving to Char Hall. And I knew ALOT of people that worked for them. And back then they were very strict about EVERYTHING. But when they moved something changed, and it wasn’t for the better. I ate there 2 times since they moved and the first visit I wasn’t real impressed with NOT one of the regular menu items that I often ordered at the old location. The 2nd visit I got the Hot Roast Beef Sandwich and the gravy was BLACK!! And the sodium was so high it wasn’t editable. So I stopped going there. It is sad that we can’t have not one Local owned home style, affordable restaurant in the north end of St. Mary’s Co. I am not talking about Chain restaurants or franchises. Or Seafood /crab houses. We have plenty of them. I mean comfort food, freshly prepared not frozen food. Also I am talking about sit down restaurants, not carry outs and open 6-7 days a week. I’m am POSITIVE that after this their will be ALOT of locals and looking for a new place to meet and eat. So I will pray that northern St. Mary’s Co Maryland will get a place like that soon!!

  3. The place is old, dirty and worn out. It needs a total make over. My wife and i went and she had fried chicken. When the chicken arrived it had small fried feathers on it. Who in the hell mops the floors with lysol while customers are trying to eat. How about taking some of the money and due a total overhaul. I still can’t understand how the health department let this go for so long.

  4. I totally think that it’s right they blamed Mona . She’s responsible for it. Billy isn’t the problem and he should not be at blame . Yes he’s the owner but Mona is there everyday. Including Billy being sick recently. Billy is a all around respected guy. Couldn’t say the same for Mona lol.

    1. Ain’t that the truth. Mona is the one who does the inmate interviews, and tell them where they work and at what station. Its her job to make sure kitchen is clean at night, and start cooking at 5:30 am for the buffet breakfast bar. But she let’s the employee run the buffet and she checks it periodically, its not a bad place and when I worked there, we ran a tight ship. No bare hand, ready to eat food contact, globes, both walk_in freezers and fridges we’re cleaned once a week, grease was drained and new grease put in, whole kitchen was spotless when we had our crew.

  5. Sure the place needs a redo and cleaning up.Ive never had a bad meal there.This article was definitely biased for some reason.I ve heard it’s up for sale.Looks to me like someone’s trying get a low price on the joint. Restaurants almost always hire people with a past.Thats why they are in the kitchen.Fancy restaurants do that also.I ve never seen a roach there. Billy Hill is a good guy.He employs alot of people, including many local musicians.Many people come out on Fridays and Sundays to dance,and socialize.I hope it re opens soon

  6. What a perfect location for the restaurant. Yet, the condition inside are a complete turn-off. It does smell when you walk in and not in a good way. We have said they need to close for a week and steam clean the whole place, replace the old carpeting and do something about the restrooms which are so gross.
    The breakfast buffett is disgusting, it is not unusual to see rotten fruit and watered down scrambled eggs.
    One time was enough for me , so we ordered off the menu.
    The article’s mention of inmates in the kitchen was for dramatic effect that I felt diminished the article. This is about a decaying restaurant with severe issues that have finally been brought to light.
    I hope the restaurant uses this closure and publicity to update itself.

  7. I had worked for Billy, and Mona Hill for many years.
    I remember the nights I had to stay, and wait for steam cleaners, or let exterminator people in first thing in the morning. We constantly cleaned the establishment. We could not close the restaurant at night before the kitchen, was sanitized cleaned and hosed with hot boiled water, all food put back properly dated secured properly.That was every night 365 days a year, no exceptions. I understand the building is old, but I also know from personal experience how they kept the restaurant up.I understand a problem evolved, but they do not deserve the bad press they have received. Billy Hill has created history in this county Please do not let one article ruin him. He and his business does not deserve this. Thank you, Billy and Mona Hill for your contribution to this county.

  8. My family and I have ate at st Mary’s Landing for Many years. We have NEVER EVER had bad food. Billy Hill is a good person. He has done alot for this community . Billy stay strong. I know u will. Reopen soon.

  9. Are at Halfway House and St Mary’s Landing. Sadly the building does need gutted and renovated. The food off the menu is usually excellent. Fried chicken cooked per order that’s why it took 25 min to get it. I don’t do buffets any where. This building is no different than: former Cooksey’s Seafood which is now Foxy Fish; old steakhouse that is now Heavy Hitters Bar and Grill; Bert’s Diner; and Old Line restaurant that is attached to Fred’s Liquors which has been there for over 30 years. These are all good restaurants just in old buildings that needed renovated.

  10. My opinion of this is if it’s that bad the best thing to do is burn it down and build new.
    Plus if it is that bad all of the insecticides in the world will not take care of the proplem.

  11. There is no excuse for roach infestations! Period!!!!! Clean the place up!!!!! I don’t care how good the food is… no one wants to eat food where roaches are crawling around in the equipment, counters and dishes!!!!!!

  12. I have eaten at St. Marys Landing many, many times. It appears as though most of you people have never owned a business, especially a food establishment. Have you been to the malls? Roaches and rats. It is a constant battle to fight vermin in eating places. I have never seen a roach at this restaurant. People are sloppy when they eat and drop food everywhere and when you have a crowd it is difficult to clean up between customers. Try and get good help – no one wants to work, they don’t take pride in their job. People don’t want a job as they always have a Help Wanted Sign posted. The Landing is a very old building that would probably cost too much money to rehab. If you don’t like it there just don’t go. I will miss Billy Hill when he sells. He is a great person and very respectful of his customers.

  13. I have been eating at The Landing for the last two years. I think the food is fresh and tasty and priced very fairly. The fried chicken is some of the best I’ve had! I did try the breakfast buffet and, when unrolling the napkin wrapped around my flatware, a roach fell out! I agree with the thoughts others have shared that most any restaurant fights roaches. It’s par for the course. I hope this place can be cleaned up, is professionally exterminated on a regular basis, and the health of its patrons made a priority. I also think the Health Department is at fault for not doing timely inspections. As for hiring former inmates, everyone needs a chance to get out and earn a living! I have known a lot of restaurant servers and cooks over the years who had a past in jail.

  14. St Mary;s Landing was originally, Steve Dulin’s Sreak House, built in 1955. Slot machines were legal in St. Mary’s and Anne Arundel County MD at that time – Steve Dulin’s Steak House was a prominant restaurnt in St Mary’s County and was patronized by people from metro Washington DC and Baltimore as well as a favorite of county residents. It was a recognized gathering place and renowned for serving the finest food i.e., steaks, seafood as well as a preferred place for breakfast and lunch. It caterd a dinner event for President Dwight D Eishenhower and was a favorite stop for former Governor Marvin Mandel whom often traveled to St Marys County to visit friend/s as well as many of the Navy’s greatest pilots that trained at PAX Naval air station.

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