Health Inspectors: on the take or just incompetent in Charles County? Georges Ribs fiasco makes folks wonder.

GEORGE’S BBQ HELLHOLE: Charles County Health Department Incompetence Keeps Dangerous Food Outlets Open to Make Customers Sick

Anthony D. Byrd Sr.

” I want to thank everyone for your support with my encounter at George’s BBQ restaurant in Charles County. The necessary personnel has been informed. I’m not sure what the outcome will be but, I’m happy that awareness for this issue has been put out there.”  – Anthony Byrd

Anthony Byrd Sr. has started a firestorm since he posted a video of a filthy and disgusting kitchen of an Indian Head rib joint in March of 2019. His video that he posted on his Facebook page went viral, was picked up for a news story by Fox 5 in Washington, D.C. and exposed the incompetence of the Charles County Health Department.

Health Department inspectors suddenly began inspecting foodservice outlets all over Charles County, with as many as eight facilities suddenly getting visits from inspectors in a single day. Citizens have speculated that inspectors are either on the take or just incompetent – perhaps both. The Charles County Health Department began posting inspections but did so in a fashion that makes it difficult for people to understand the process as well as the results – making it clear the health department bureaucrats of Maryland haven’t bothered to take a look at what more progressive health agencies in other states are doing to protect the public health.

The public outreach of the Health Department of Charles County consists of cut and paste press releases

The Facebook page of the Charles County Health Department relies almost solely on reprinting press releases from other government agencies about food recalls, solicits those who may be depressed, in need of addiction counseling and even bothers to post information about Hurricanes which are 1500 miles away from LaPlata – information available to anyone on the Weather Channel. But as for warning the public about George’s Ribs, the Charles County Health Department deserves a score of zero.

The lack of any recognizable Maryland Health Department standards or supervision of the Charles County Health Department was correctly pointed out by one Facebook poster who said the buck stops with Governor Larry Hogan. It does.

Dining Out in Charles County Is Playing Russian Roulette


LA PLATA, MD. – The Charles County Health Department suddenly and profoundly embarrassed by Anthony Byrd and Fox 5 in Washington, D.C., posted a new service for the public by listing on their website a long list of restaurant inspections.  Ironically, the listings were never posted prior to that time, nor were any previous inspections which may or may not have been performed were posted.

The data posted did not include if a food service outlet had been closed down, did not include the dangerously dirty and filthy Georges BBQ or offer the public an explanation at the time of the posting or since that time, up through Sept. 14, 2019, of why George’s BBQ had been ignored by the Charles County Health Department officials and inspectors.

Georges-BBQ-screen-shot-from-Fox-5-news-video. This grease is a magnet for rats and other rodents. Any health inspector who inspected this establishment should be questioned by the Charles County Grand Jury.

Comments alleging corruption and incompetence on the part of health officials and made by the public on the Charles County Facebook Page were not addressed, nor were the employees defended by any officials.

Dr. Suzan Lowry is the Chief Health Officer of Charles County and James C. Bridgers is the Deputy Health Officer, since March 5, 2014, and is paid a salary of $106,000.  Dr. Lowry is a pediatrician and was hired in 2018 to lead the health department.

The key information of the new listing of inspections performed by Charles County Health Department appears to be which foodservice outlets were listed as having critical problems, were corrected the day of the inspection and also if a reinspection was necessary to assure the public health was not in danger.   

The Health Department inspection results failed to address roach or rodent infestation.

Food Facilities Ordered Closed In Baltimore City As Of Sept. 10, 2019

The Charles County Department of Health reports that it inspects restaurants and other foodservice facilities routinely to monitor the sanitary and physical conditions at each establishment.

According to Dr. Suzan Lowry, each year more than 1,000 inspections are conducted in the county.

“Inspectors closely evaluate nine critical food safety items, which are those most likely to contribute to foodborne illness. If a critical food safety violation is discovered, it must be either corrected immediately or the facility risks being closed,” according to the statement made by Dr. Lowry.



(Clearly from the video taken at George’s Ribs, this statement issued by Dr. Lowry is not only false but patently absurd – but she runs a government agency.)


These are the Charles County inspections that have been performed since January 2019 and show critical violations, according to the Health Department.

Routine inspections include comprehensive inspections that address both critical risk factors and sanitation and monitoring inspections, which typically focus on critical risk factors.  Comprehensive inspections, in accordance with COMAR 10.15.03, should be performed at every high and moderate priority facility once per year.  Monitoring inspections should be performed twice per year for high priority facilities and once per year for moderate priority facilities.  Low priority facilities should have inspections performed once every other year.


In the sudden rush to respond to public condemnation of the Charles County Health Department Environmental Health Division, inspections were conducted of facilities throughout Charles County with as many as eight such inspections in a single day, as took place, ironically, on April Fools Day – April 1, 2019.

On March 28, 2019:

Spoon’s Korean American BBQ was cited with a critical violation. The Health Inspectors found their way to the St. Charles Mall and found the Popeyes to be seriously deficient and in need of a reinspection as was the Sarku Japan foodservice and TAMO Smoothies in the Mall.  Denny’s on Rt. 301 was cited with violations and a reinspection was required.

On March 29, 2019:

Charles County health inspectors swooped in on Sweet Frog on Rosewick Road, back to Popeyes in the Mall, out to Texas Ribs in Smallwood Village Center, back to Popeyes in the Mall, OBO Pizza located in Indian Head, to Mexico Restaurant in White Plains, McDonalds in LaPlata, Krispy Kreme Donuts in Waldorf, and Domino’s Pizza in Smallwood Center.

The April Fools Day Inspections:

On that day, inspectors rushed into Kodori Korean & Japanese Restaurant on Crain Highway in Waldorf and found two critical violations of food service regulations, which were taken care of that day and required a reinspection. Hilton Garden Inn must not have been too much of a garden of paradise when it comes to public health as the hotel was cited for critical violations as were the Gold Mine Saloon, Eddie Leonard’s Restaurant, and Red Robin.  It is hard to believe that people eat at the Gold Mine or that any of the other restaurants hosted critical health violations after all the viral sharing of the George’s Rib BBQ across the country, indicating that these establishments that failed to pass with flying colors either don’t care about public health, don’t use Facebook or watch national network news – as they were cited for critical violations.

April 3, 2019:

George’s Ribs got a visit from the Health Department, which must have had to find an inspector who works for another jurisdiction who is not deaf, dumb or blind, and conducted a comprehensive inspection on that date and noted that a reinspection was needed. The Charles County Grand Jury should conduct an investigation of the Health Department and the inspector who had let the Georges Rib facility become such a hazard to public health.

April 4, 2019

Benny’s Chinese Restaurant in LaPlata was cited with a critical violation and required a reinspection. Martins BBQ on Berry Road in Waldorf was inspected and not cited; OBO Pizza got another visit was cited with serious and critical violations requiring immediate care and a reinspection. Golden Gate Chinese was inspected, as was Martins BBQ again for the second time in one day; Kodori Korean & Japanese Restaurant was once again cited with deadly and critical deficiencies in violation of the health rules and scheduled for a reinspection.

April 5, 2019

China Express on Plaza Way in Waldorf and Applebee’s on Rt. 301 both were cited as operations where the management allows critical violations to exist which required reinspection.

April 8, 2019:

Tropical Smoothie Café on Leonardtown Road in Waldorf and Tastee Chicken on Smallwood Drive were both cited for critical violations of the public health rules and reinspection to assure that the problems were no longer ignored, but fixed.

April 9, 2019

Listed as serious offenders of health rules and not in compliance were: Starbucks at Mall Circle in Waldorf, Asiana House of Subs, TGI Fridays on Rt. 301, and Tienda Karina Spanish Market #2 on Central Ave. in Waldorf.

April 10, 2019

Joining the list of dangerous places to eat was the 7-Eleven Store located at 2170 Crain Highway in Waldorf which was cited for critical problems fixed that day and requiring a reinspection.  Tastee Chicken apparently didn’t get the message and critical and potentially deadly violations continued to exist when inspected.  United Buffet and Grill were cited with a serious violation which was rectified that day.

April 15, 2019

As of this day, there were less critical violations as the apparently lackadaisical food service industry began to react to the suddenly aggressive Charles County Health Department, perhaps under the watchful eye of State of Maryland officials responding to the disgusting videos of George’s Ribs and complaints from the outraged public. Count the management of Chipotle Mexican Grill on Rt. 301 as one establishment that needs to be replaced as they were cited with serious violations. Courtyard Waldorf located on Rt. 301 was also cited and can be counted on the down and dirty list for allowing critical violations to be cited and included on the Health Department list.

April 17, 2019

Getting back to the hinterlands on this date, inspectors cited Noodles & Company in Welcome with serious violations as was the Noodles & Company in the Waldorf Marketplace. 

April 18, 2019

Kodori Korean & Japanese Restaurant might make it on the list of anyone who wants to find cleaner and safer places to eat as they made it on the critical list for the third time in two weeks.  

April 23, 2019

The Ruby Thai Kitchen was found to be deficient, was able to clean up the problem and required a reinspection.

April 24, 2019

After a few days of no serious violations for Charles County foodservice facilities, America’s Best Wings flew onto the list with serious violations as did The Social @228.

April 25, 2019, thru May 20, 2019

Critical violators cited by inspectors on April 25, 2019, were Little Fish on St. Patrick’s Drive in Waldorf and Kabob BQ on Rt. 301 in Waldorf.

May 1, 2, 2019

Kodori Korean & Japanese Restaurant on Rt. 301 in Waldorf continues to be cited for critical problems and can be considered a serial health rule violator. The 7-Eleven store on Leonardtown Road in Waldorf and Beijing Restaurant on Smallwood Drive in Waldorf were also cited with serious violations which were corrected that day.

            May 6, 2019

Apple Spice Junction in LaPlata was cited with important violations as was El Rinconcito on Mattawoman Drive in Waldorf. Both food outlets corrected the violations the day of the inspection.

May 7, 2019

OBO Pizza in Waldorf made the violator hit parade for another appearance with a serious violation that was corrected.

May 13, 2019

Chick-Fil-A at Mall Circle was cited on May 13, 2019, with a violation which just may lead to a manager being terminated by the company that is well-known for operating a quality operation that is sparkling clean. Sbarro the Italian Eatery on Mall Circle in Waldorf was cited for failing to adhere to the health code.

May 14, 2019

Kabob BQ was back on the bad list along with Legacy Carryout and Catering. Both corrected problems that day and stayed open for business.

May 15, 2019

The Dash-In on East Charles Street was cited with violations which were corrected that day as dozens of other facilities in Charles County apparently were getting the message and correcting violations before inspectors walked in the door.

May 17, 2019

J’s Soul Food Kitchen in White Plains and the Sonic in LaPlata, and Pancakes Plus, in LaPlata, managed to find their way on the list of establishments that violate the health code.

June 4, 2019, thru June 14, 2019

Kodori continued to appear on the critical violator list twice more in the first two weeks of June, begging the question as to why the Health Dept. didn’t shutter the place. Tastee Chicken made another appearance with a critical violation. North Point High School was cited, fulfilling the expectations of all school children everywhere. Apple Spice Junction was a return violator of serious problems and joined by Camp Winona and Camp St. Charles.

June 17 thru June 28, 2018

Forty foodservice facilities were inspected in the last two weeks of June with the following cited for critical violations:

Cobb Island Market

Wendy’s #6620 Leonardtown Road, Waldorf

OBO Pizza Indian Head

Goodies Sub Shop, Leonardtown Road, Waldorf

Japan Express, 2473 Crain Highway, Waldorf

Sarku Japan, Mall Circle, Waldorf

Dales Smokehouse, Indian Head

Swan Point Country Club, Swan Point

Thai Flavor Restaurant, St. Patrick’s Drive, Waldorf, Md.

Gilligan’s Pier Seafood & Steakhouse, Newburg, Md.

July 2, thru July 12, 2019

Forty-four establishments were inspected during this period. Failing to pass inspection due to critical violations which were fixed, and a reinspection ordered was Fuji-San Franchising Corporation at Sam’s Club on Rt. 301 in Waldorf, Md.

Others cited with critical problems were:

Simply Good, St. Patrick’s Drive, Waldorf, Md.

Kabob BQ, Rt. 301, Waldorf, Md., back for yet another appearance.

Veracruzana Bakery, Leonardtown Road, Waldorf, Md.

Captain Joe’s Crab & Seafood, Smallwood Drive, Waldorf, Md.

Shymansky’s Restaurant, Cobb Island, Md.

Wendy’s, 3005 Crain Highway, Waldorf, Md.

Martini’s Lounge, Theodore Green Blvd., White Plains, Md.

Domino’s Pizza, Rt. 301, Waldorf, Md.

Capt. John’s Crabhouse, Cobb Island, Md.

The Rivah, Neale Sound Drive, Cobb Island, Md.

July 15, 2019, thru July 29, 2019

Seventy foodservice operations were inspected in the second half of July.

Those who were cited for critical violations were:

McDonald’s, 2065 Crain Highway, Waldorf, Md. – cited twice and able to fix the violations on the day of the inspection and both times were listed as requiring a reinspection to assure that the management was operating within the health code.

Sarku Japan was back for another run at the Violator of the Year Award for 2019 with serious violation which was corrected and the need for a follow-up inspection noted. A second inspection revealed trouble was still in the operation.

Port Tobacco Restaurant made its first appearance on the critical list, fixed the problem and was listed for a return inspection.

Ollie’s Bar and Grill on Hawthorne Road in LaPlata was cited for critical violations.

Best Western on Crain Highway in La Plata, Md.

Gray Brothers on Chicamuxen Road, Marbury, Md.

Mom’s Market on Plaza Way, Waldorf, Md.

Aug. 12, to Aug. 23, 2019

There were sixty-seven inspections listed for this time period. Starting off with critical violations (The Charles County Health Dept. did not list any inspections for the first eleven days of August) were:

Safeway at Waldorf Market Place in Waldorf, Md.

Goodies, Mathews Drive, Bryans Road, Md.

Smokers Delight Mobile Unit, Livingston Road, Indian Head, Md.

Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant at Smallwood Village Center in Waldorf, Md.

Papa Johns Pizza, Business Park Drive, Waldorf, Md.

Walton’s Market, Livingston Road, Indian Head, Md.

Little Caesar’s Pizza, Smallwood Drive, Waldorf, Md.

Walton’s Beverage & Crabs, Livingston Road, Indian Head, Md.

Shark Bar & Seafood House, 2056 Crain Highway, Waldorf, Md. (Twice)

Szechuan Garden, 11149 Mall Circle, Waldorf, Md.

Applebee’s, 10 Shining Willow Way, La Plata, Md.

Giant Food Store #301, 3297 Crain Highway, Waldorf, Md.

Popeyes #107, 2485 Crain Highway, Waldorf, Md.

Giant Food Store, #339, LaPlata, Md.

All American Steakhouse & Sports Theatre, St. Patrick’s Drive, Waldorf, Md.

Aug. 23, 2019, to Sept. 6, 2019

Thirty-three foodservice outlets were inspected. The following were cited for critical violations of the health code:

Hip Hop Fish and Chicken, 2394 Crain Highway, Waldorf, Md.

Beijing Restaurant, Pinefield Shopping Center, Waldorf, Md.

Randy’s Ribs and Barbeque, Leonardtown Road, Hughesville, Md.

Southern Md. Prison Pre-Release Center (which sends inmates to work in local restaurants) Hughesville, Md.

Hughesville quick Shop Sunoco, Old Leonardtown Road, Hughesville, Md.

Hughesville Corner Express, 7756 Leonardtown Road, Hughesville, Md.

Texas Ribs & BBQ, 108 Smallwood Village Center, Waldorf, Md.

Silvestre Chicken, 3617 Leonardtown Road, Waldorf, Md.

Tienda Karina Spanish Market #2, 11764 Central Avenue, Waldorf, Md.



The following comments were posted on the Charles County Health Department Facebook Page following the sudden appearance of a list of inspections of certain Charles County food outlets following the disgusting video of George’s Ribs BBQ that was broadcast on Facebook by Anthony D. Byrd Sr., and on Fox 5 News.

Dwight Owens Jr.:

And just like that, (practically magically overnight) thanks to Georges Rib Shack, The CCDH is actually going to leave their offices and do some work. And what? They are even going to create an electronic complaint form… wow… how long has the CCDH been around? Had the CCHD been doing their job… Georges Rib Shack would never have gotten that bad or made the national news.

Jacqueline Taylor:

 they offer the public a list that only the Charles County Department of Health employees can understand.

No transparency whatsoever.

Jennie M Harber:

 Guess this is to address George’s bbq and the recent reports about roaches and rodents in St. Charles mall. But this list doesn’t say anything about pest violations.

Jessica Milledge:

 What exactly does “monitoring” mean? Fairfax County provides a comprehensive report that is accessible online to the public. That spreadsheet tells me nothing.…/web.nsf/formInspection.xsp…


Inspection report

Birgit Jaul Locklear:

 I agree with most posters: while the listing is a start, it would be more helpful to let citizens know the scoring system or who passed and failed.

Shara Hendler

A list with no scores or other information? Not even a little bit helpful.

ShaNice Stokes:

 While the list provided does not give in-depth details, it’s better than what we had before George’s story broke. For me, an establishment that has any of the critical numbers by it is a no go but at this juncture, how do we validate what has been provided? It would be beneficial if the Maryland Health Department instituted rating systems like some states for a little peace of mind. I hope we’ll eventually see a comprehensive report to make better dining decisions,

Kathy Cure:

Health scores should be posted for patrons to see! No point in scoring if you do not post them. What exactly does your health job support? It’s apparent it’s for the business and not the people.

LaShawn Dorsey Edge:

 Not sure if I overlooked, however, I didn’t see any grocery stores on this list.

Donna Hall Cobb:

 Food Lion in Bryans Road is on there

Cindy Neely-Coulby:

A friend got food at Popeyes in La Plata. When he got home and opened the box there were roaches inside the box.

Melissa Gammon Posey:

 I would like to see a list of violations at each place so I will know if they passed, or failed or paid the fine to skip the inspection! We try to eat out in the county—-not sure I feel that comfortable now.

Tanya Beasley:

 School cafeterias also. I never thought about that. Glad my kids take lunch from home.

LaShawn Dorsey Edge:

 Tanya Beasley: I was thinking the same thing who holds the schools accountable.

Janea McNeill:

 This gives no real information. Did these places pass, fail, what??

Nancy Waddell:

Yes, I am with you Dusty Cassidy let me know what you find out

Dusty Cassidy:

We want to know violations and scores not the answers on your sheets

Jacqueline Sharp:

 Why isn’t George’s BBQ listed?

Duane Hendricks:

 It’s about to go down.

Joseph Hangarter:

 This would really be a good day to go inspect the food court at the mall because I’ll bet they are not very busy . . . maybe they won’t be ever again.

The following comments were posted following a notice from the Heath Dept. of Charles County on their Facebook Page, regarding the video about Georges BBQ:

Dave Wms:

 When was the last time this place was inspected? This didn’t occur overnight!

Angela Sanchez Wardle:

 Dave Wms, that’s EXACTLY what I said that is at least a year’s buildup!!

Anthony D. Byrd Sr.:

 So, what’s being done? The Charles County community wants answers. I’m interested in knowing if we all have possibly been put at risk of becoming ill from eating at other restaurants other than George’s.

Jacqueline Taylor:

 Thanks Charles County Department of Health. If you all could put out a monthly notice of establishments that have failed health inspections that would be awesome. We’d like some transparency.

Tiffany Lynne:

 Jacqueline Taylor in RVA this info is posted weekly. I think CC could adapt the same policy to inform patrons.

Sequcia Bell:

 Jacqueline Taylor this is public knowledge and is put every time an establishment has an inspection. It doesn’t matter what kind as long as it serves food. It could be a restaurant, a hospital, or daycare. You can find this on the department of health website. Put in your state and what place you want to see.

Ricky Spanish:

 this is exactly why Scheduled Inspections do not truly work… If you want a clear and true picture of work environment and standards you Must have unannounced unscheduled inspections

Rachel Jean:

 When was the last time you visited that place?? How often do you visit restaurants? That place is atrocious…looks as if it hasn’t been cleaned in years!!

L Ann Bradshaw:

 I would like to know what are the normal inspection intervals? This amount of filth clearly didn’t occur over night. Also, are inspections announced or unannounced? Living in the 2nd highest taxed county in the state I would expect a service involving health and safety to have caught and ended this foolishness long before now.

Jacqueline Taylor:

 L Ann Bradshaw I don’t think the Charles County Department of Health does other inspections besides the initial one to open the business. I see no proof of that lol!

L Ann Bradshaw:

 I certainly hope that isn’t the case. I know that after seeing this video I’m far less interested in patronizing restaurants in the county. If this “slipped by” who knows what else is lurking in other restaurants in CC. I just know this cannot be new after having read reviews from various sites. People have been talking about their cleanliness, or lack thereof for quite a while.

Anthony Garner:

I used to work in a restaurant that got regular inspections. I don’t remember how often but it was at least a couple times a year.

Nicole Jessica Davlin:

 L Ann Bradshaw I believe every quarter so a restaurant should expect 3 inspections in a year.

Krissy Magruder Greer:

 L Ann Bradshaw, my thoughts exactly. My inspections are never scheduled. How any inspector could let this go is beyond me. Inexcusable

Edward Goldsmith:

 To rust what I think was a stainless-steel table takes more than 3 or 4 months of unkempt conditions.

Christopher Trent:

 We the people depend solely on your department to protect us from this.

Please refrain from making any excuse of any kind to defend not performing those mandatory inspections that should occur.

Trudy Bramell:

 Last time we were there (about 6 months ago) there was grease running off the porch in the back-parking area. Surprised they hadn’t had a fire there. We won’t be back till it is cleaned up.

Cody Alexander:

 That’s what I love about visiting the Outer Banks in NC. They post it right on the front door. It’s a grading system like the schools would use so it’s easy to understand. Very surprised but almost everywhere there gets an A.

Oleta Rivero:

 Cody Alexander, the entire state of NC does this.

Jenelle Holder Shores:

 Cody Alexander, I grew up in NC and thought restaurants in ALL states had to display their Health Department ratings…was I surprised the first time I went to a state that did not require it!! My mother would never go to a restaurant in our hometown if their rating was not an “A”!!!

Cody Alexander:

 Oleta Rivero awesome I didn’t know that. We have vacationed there since I was a little guy (30 now so a while) and now my grandparents live in Jarvis erg right outside OBX always thought it was great that they did this

Jay Res Oleta Rivero:

 SC do the same thing as well and is also posted on their website as well. Restaurants get inspected 3 to 4 times a year. I worked for the health department for 6 years and they don’t play when it comes to inspections.

Hope Salveson-Perkins:

NYC does that too pointed it out to a friend on the same day I had the worst food poisoning of my life in that same city. It’s a good system but obviously not 100% guaranteed

Cody Alexander

 Jay Res I used to work for Charles County Health Department good group of people but I agree more “surprise we’re here inspections are better”

Angela Sanchez Wardle:

 Cody Alexander, I wish they would get some of these people on the yard sale sites selling dinners, etc.

John Garnett III:

 Another example of lazy government workers. Should fire all of the health department employees involved starting at the head. This didn’t happen overnight. Unfortunately, there is no accountability with government employees. Many are good hard working.

Brandy Marie Massey

I want to know how in the world any place is allowed to become this disgusting! Someone clearly isn’t doing their job

Krissy Magruder Greer:

Brandy Marie Massey, it didn’t get that way in between inspections. That’s years of filth.

Brandy Marie Massey:

 Krissy Magruder Greer, exactly my point is it’s been awhile since it’s been inspected

Mikayla Stringer:

 It looks like the inspector isn’t doing his/her job. I wonder if someone is getting paid (under the table) for not inspecting this and other restaurants. Inquiring minds want to know!!

Meghan Hill

Mikayla Stringer oh of course! Someone is clearly getting bribed here.

Hanna Hudson:

 Mikayla Stringer also places are alerted when they have an inspection coming up, so lots of restaurants and food places clean up before. they should be random.

Mikayla Stringer:

 So, what’s the point of having an inspection. The policy has to change immediately. People’s lives are at stake.

Meghan Hill:

 Kinda sad that it took a video like this to circle around for there to be action taken. Clearly, they get surprise visits being a restaurant anyway.

Robert Dyson:

 Yty That’s Crazy but if you Got people on the side of the Highways selling Ribs the inspector shows up all the Time but look at this mess it’s all about the money so who is paying who Smh

Krissy Magruder Greer

Robert Dyson Yty they show up at all of them randomly. No notice, so who let this go?

Dutch Baldwin

Robert Dyson, there’s a guy on Rt. 210 above Beretta. He was there 2 days ago smoking BBQ. It’s not posting up on the side of the road cooking. Its where does he go to the bathroom while he’s cooking. No facilities. He he’s there for a while too.

Cindy Neely-Coulby:

 I think all restaurant inspections should be published good and bad so everyone can see and take the inspections into consideration before choosing a restaurant.

Hanna Hudson:

 Cindy Neely-Coulby also, inspections should be random, and they should not know when they’re coming. I remember at an old restaurant I worked at, it wasn’t completely gross but like if I was the owner, I’d never let it get like that. But every time we heard the health inspector was coming, that’s when we cleaned. they should be random, so they stay clean.

Jenna Isaacks Courville:

 Cindy Neely-Coulby they post a letter in the window in some places. Like a A is the best and I think after C or D they have to close down. Never understood why this wasn’t some everywhere.

Nancy Green Crews:

Cindy Neely-Coulby the city I live in publishes them in the local newspaper and on Facebook! Bad or good.

Patrick Cronshaw:

 The restaurant health inspector should be fired immediately.

Christopher H. Lane:

 I’m not one to be a nudge, but this place needs to have its doors temporarily shut until they are safe/clean, and up to code.

James Reals:

 I don’t eat much in Charles County because the lack of health dept oversight. With my experience, I can only imagine the call volume they get

Doug Randall:

 Kim Brown, did you have any adverse reaction to what you ordered? Any sickness or nausea? Good BBQ, Good Ribs?

June Lynne Orsillo:

 This is totally inexcusable. It’s clear the system is not working this establishment would not be this disgusting. Tax dollars wasted.

If this department posted each week who inspected and result then it gives the restaurant incentive to be proper.

Maria Snyder:

 I hope after the inspection today, you will be giving an update.

Paula Lee Scholten:

 Thank Goodness someone is finally checking it out. Multiple family members got sick after eating there. I stopped years ago.

ChayCha Love:

 Just don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. It’s a business that sells food to people to eat. I bet that nasty ol broad in the video doesn’t eat that crap!

Elly May:

 When I lived in Tampa, health inspections for ALL food establishments was posted online to the public. You could look at the most recent inspection before you ate there. Not understanding why this is not done in PG or Charles county. This info should be public and easy to view.

Tayler Leigh:

 Lacey Jeremy Grant Sensitive? I’m guessing you haven’t seen the video? That’s not a mess from just overnight or even a week. That’s built up over time and is absolutely disgusting. Yes, you may have had a great time! Their customer service could have been the best! But with that being said, that doesn’t have anything to do with the cleanliness of the place.

Sharon Hall:

I know in PG County; Health Department walks in without any warnings! And they check the location at least twice a year, even more if complaints have been filed. They have been known to shut places down, for much less than that mess! That’s just disgusting.

Lokelani Hamilton:

 I remember going here for the fish.

I got sick but not my friend. Went a second time and the fish had a smell. Tried to get money back and they told me no.

Jesse Jones:

 Lokelani Hamilton I’ve learned long ago not to buy fish from Asian cause they don’t like throwing fish out. I’ve went a few times to different fish markets run buy them looking for fresh bone or filet fish and most of the times the fish smell is so strong and fresh fish don’t smell. So, I stopped going to them places.


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