MURDER USA – Some are old, some are new, all the victims turned cold and blue

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Top crime stories from the Chesapeake Bay tidewater region include accounts of historical murders one hundred years ago. One such saga took place in Princess Anne, Maryland, when a mob of 5,000 overran a squad of State troopers and plucked an accused rapist from jail and lynched him on the lawn next door to the home of the Judge who had just made a passionate plea for the mob to go home. Follow the extensive back story on several homicides that went unsolved for years, as well as the infamous BBQ serial killer of Baltimore. Hushed up for years in his community, read the story of the political chicanery foisted by one politician who collapsed the entire 1900 census in Maryland. Decades later, the philandering politico was bludgeoned to death on his front step.


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