If a picture tells a thousand words, these three morons are
Fifty Thousand Shades of Stupid

DISTRICT HEIGHTS – An armed robbery went wrong for the perpetrators, say the police. As three miscreants looked to gin up their Easter spending cash by carjacking a vehicle at gunpoint, they parked the purloined vehicle, and unbeknownst to them, the PG County Police Carjacking Interdiction Unit was keeping an eye out on it.

The Prince George’s County Police Department’s Homicide Unit charged two suspects in connection with an armed robbery in District Heights on Thursday, which preceded a non-fatal officer-involved shooting. PG Police identified the suspects as 24-year-old Edward Leroy Brown (DOB 8/26/1999) of 5135 FITCH ST SE#101, Washington, D.C., and 26-year-old Kanard Jaivon Bishop (DOB 07/28/1997) of 6980 Hawthorne Street, Hyattsville, Md.

Detectives say that they also obtained an arrest warrant for the third suspect, who fled the scene. He is in custody in Washington, DC, pending extradition to Prince George’s County. He is 18-year-old Kahlill Boyd and is charged in a District carjacking.  All three suspects are from Washington, DC.

On March 28, 2024, at approximately 3:05 pm, detectives with the Carjacking Interdiction Unit and the Washington Area Vehicle Enforcement Team were conducting surveillance on a carjacked car in the 5700 block of Silver Hill Road. The car was carjacked at gunpoint on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, on Brooks Drive in District Heights.

The suspects parked the car in front of a store on Silver Hill Road. Two suspects wearing masks exited the car and entered the store. Detectives followed them into the business and observed them armed with weapons behind the counter committing a robbery. The officers announced themselves as police officers and gave verbal commands to drop their weapons.

In a quest to escape, the miscreants beat feet out the back door with their firearms bristling like skeered porcupines. The bozo crew ran around the building into the back parking lot right into the arms of detectives, one of whom shot Brown in the lower body. 

LESSON FOR CRIMINALS AT THIS POINT IN THE STORY: Don’t run towards a cop with a gun in your hand; he ain’t gonna try to wing you in the knee, dipstick.

District-Heights-armed-robbers-Bishop-and-Brown. Photos provided by PG County Police

Instead of doing society a favor and letting this idiot bleed to death, Officers immediately provided Brown with emergency medical care, and he was transported to a hospital. As the wound wasn’t what it could have been or should have been, Brown has since been released and taken to the PG County Jail and, after an appearance before a Judge, was ordered held without bail on March 29, 2024.  Brown is charged with the use of a firearm in a violent crime, possession of a loaded firearm, armed robbery, two counts of assault, robbery, and a general failure to do right.

Bishop was arrested without incident and was nailed with the same array of criminal highlights for his career as Brown amassed. He was also committed to the Hoosegow in PG County until he can make a bond hearing, at which time some jackass judge may let him free on no bail. Bishop was charged with malicious property destruction in 2022, and Prince George’s State’s Attorney Braveboy gave him a plea deal and put the charge on the Stet Docket on April 12, 2023.  Bishop was twice found guilty of possession of contraband in the St. Mary’s County Jail in 2017.

 Bishop was in jail in St. Mary’s County because he was given a plea deal with St. Mary’s State’s Attorney Richard Fritz on February 28, 2017, when he was charged with theft of a vehicle. The deal included a guilty plea from Bishop before District Court Judge James Tanavage and spending 18 months in the Hotel St. Mary’s.  In 2019, Bishop managed to violate the terms of his probation, and a bench warrant was issued for him when he failed to appear in court on two occasions.

Bishop Tried to Sneak Cell Phone into the Slammer
When Returning from Work Release

Kanard Jaivon Bishop, St. Mary’s Jail photo

On April 26, 2017, St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department Deputy D. Sidorowicz responded to the St. Mary’s County Jail for a reported contraband violation. According to Sheriff Tim Cameron, the investigation revealed the suspect, Kanard Jaivon Bishop, 19, of Leonardtown, MD, returned from work release and attempted to conceal a cellular phone in the waistband of his pants after securing his other belongings in his assigned locker, in an attempt to enter the housing area with the cell phone.  Cell phones are not allowed within the housing area of the facility and are considered prohibited contraband.  The suspect was charged with Possession of Contraband in place of confinement and released back to the custody of the jail dungeon, from whence great entertainment is provided on a daily basis.

Police say that both of their guns were recovered in the parking lot.


Boyd fled the scene in the carjacked car after striking an unmarked police vehicle. With the assistance of the Aviation Section and the Metropolitan Police Department, he was taken into custody in the 300 block of Anacostia Road SE, Washington, DC.     

Brown and Bishop are each charged with armed robbery, assault, and firearms charges. They are in the custody of the Department of Corrections on a no-bond status. Detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Boyd charging him with armed robbery, assault and firearms offenses. Additional charges are anticipated against the suspects as the investigation into the incident and the initial carjacking continue.

The Internal Affairs Division is investigating the actions of the officer who discharged his duty weapon. As is standard procedure, he is now on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. That officer joined the agency in 2010 and is assigned to the Bureau of Investigation.

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