Maryland State Police Beat: Whacky Tobaccy Lands Francis Thomas a Date with a Judge; Tanya Hall wins trip to slammer for best impression of a hellion


LEXINGTON PARK, MD. – The town of Sin City in St. Mary’s County has one less yahoo running loose, at least for about ten minutes until a District Court Commissioner foisted her back upon the citizenry.  Maryland State Police report that on September 20, 2018, at approximately 12:00 p.m. Tpr. E. Ruggles responded to Valley Drive Estates, Lexington Park, Md., for a report of a disturbance.

Police say that Tpr. Ruggles made contact with Tanya Anita Hall, 42, of Lexington Park, Md., who was outside a residential area yelling and causing a disturbance.

A strong odor of alcohol was detected while speaking with Hall and she was not being cooperative, say police.  There were several similar calls for service earlier the same morning involving the same person.  Hall was arrested and transported to St. Mary’s County Jail and charged with disorderly conduct.

Maryland State Police Beat: Whacky Tobaccy Lands Francis Thomas a Date with a Judge

LEXINGTON PARK, MD. – That old whacky tobaccy caught yet another alleged deadhead when on September 28, 2018, at approximately 4:00 p.m., Maryland State Police TFC M. Manning conducted a traffic stop in Lexington Park.

According to the Maryland State Police, the driver, identified as Francis Xavier Thomas Jr., 35, of Mechanicsville, TFC Manning smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana sweeping into the air from the vehicle.

As a result of the stop, 20 grams of marijuana was allegedly recovered from Thomas and he was arrested and transported to the Leonardtown Barrack where he was charged on a criminal citation with Possession of Marijuana greater than 10 grams.

DEADHEAD HIT PARADE: Possession of Marijuana Less Than 10 Grams


Name of Arrestee Age      City, State       Offense Date   Arresting Officer

Walton, Tylar Alexia         24        Lexington Park, MD    10/11/2018      Tpr M. Whitman

Stephens, Maura Alexander        19        Mechanicsville, MD      9/29/2018       M/Tpr J. Preston

Collins, Michael Gage       25        Lexington Park, MD    10/14/2018      Tpr K. Bauer

McClendon, Antoine Jamar          32        Lexington Park, MD      10/13/2018     Tpr J. Rutkoski


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DWI HIT PARADE: DUI Arrests reported by Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack on Oct. 17, 2018


Name of Arrestee             Age        City, State           Offense Date      Arresting Officer

Oliver, Lexie Danielle      18           La Plata, MD       10/13/2018         Tfc M. Manning

Bennett, Charles Richard              69           Hollywood, MD 10/14/2018         Tpr R. Kaszubski

Harmon, Ryan    27           Mechanicsville, MD         10/14/2018         Tfc M. Manning

Madewell, Alyssa Ashley              33           Leonardtown, MD            10/15/2018         Tpr J. Rutkoski


Warrant Service Arrests

Name of Arrestee Age      City, State       Date of Arrest Arresting Officer

Bryant Jr., Samuel Tony    32        Lexington Park, MD    10/15/2018      Tfc B. DiToto

Tapponnier, Joseph Lee    36        Leonardtown, MD       10/11/2018      Tpr A. Opirhory

Sanders, Marcellus Dean  25        Lexington Park, MD    10/15/2018      Tpr T. Howard

Thompson, Brandon Louis           32        Great Mills, MD      10/14/2018     Tpr B. DiToto

Lada, Robert Walter         27        Leonardtown, MD      10/11/2018      Tpr T. Howard

Dalton, Luke Delbert        19        Mechanicsville, MD    10/11/2018      M/Tpr J. Preston

Goddard, Cassidy Chance 18        Mechanicsville, MD    10/11/2018      Tfc M. Manning

Taylor, Rodney Delray      52        Hollywood, MD           10/15/2018      Tfc M. Johnson

Washabaugh, Andrew Wyatt       31        Mechanicsville, MD      10/16/2018     M/Tpr E. Evans

Tucker, Tiffany Rose         19        Charlotte Hall, MD      10/16/2018      Tfc B. DiToto


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