DWI HIT PARADE: Maryland State Police Forestville Barrack reports DUI arrests for Jan. 6-12, 2020

The Door is Always Open. The Maryland State Police DUI breath testing van has an open-door policy for suspected DUI drivers. In one door, blow, out the other door to the jail. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
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DUI Arrests for the Forestville Barrack from – January 6-12, 2020

Nebiou E. KEBEDE01/07/2020 @ 0323Tpr. K. Khan33Columbus, OH
Michael Alphonso DRUMMOND01/10/2020 @ 0211Tpr. K. Khan33Hyattsville, MD
Kevin Raynard THOMAS SR.01/10/2020 @ 2012Tpr. L. Kumador62District Heights, MD
Anthony Bernard WASHINGTON01/11/2020 @ 0008Tpr. B. White38Landover, MD
James Nigel EKELMAN01/11/2020 @ 0310Tpr. K. Khan38Temple Hills, MD
Angela Denise BARNES01/11/2020 @ 0330S/Tpr. N. Murray40Washington, DC
Brian Vladimir Aparicio EVORA01/11/2020 @ 0530Tpr. B. White23Washington, DC
John Randolph QUEEN01/11/2020 @ 1753Tpr. S. Stone56Washington, DC
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