MURDER USA: Shooting in Lexington Park, Latres Cockerham charged with murder of Joseph James Oakes, two shot in mayhem in Ghetto Trifecta on Ghetto Bypass Pegg Road; Plea Deal in 2021 with Richard Fritz kept accused killer out of jail on gun charges

St. Mary’s Board of Commissioners Mike Hewitt, left, former commissioner Tom Jarboe, Randy Guy, John O’Connor and last is Todd Morgan while supposedly representing Lexington Park, really represents the Navy Alliance. Eric Colvin replaced Tom Jarboe in 2018. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY cartoon

WHITE ELEPHANT SHERIFF RESTROOM FACILITY COST $6 MILLION: At $150,000 a deputy can be hired, equipped, trained and put to work. For what Cameron blew on this building, with the approval of the St. Mary’s Commissioners, he could have added 40 deputies to the department.

Lexington Park Thugs and Ghetto Gunmen Just Never Hang Up Their Guns

Great Mills Road Shootout victim was also a suspect after a fight at the Great Mills outside basketball court turned into a shootout across four lanes of traffic.

January 14, 2022, UPDATE: Latres Javontae Cockerham, 23 (DOB 10/7/1997) of 41890 Steven Young Court, Hollywood, Md. has been arrested in connection with the shooting and murder and charged by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department Deputy Austin Schultz with the following:

  • Murder First Degree
  • Murder Second Degree
  • Attempted First Degree Murder (5 counts)
  • Attempted Second Degree Murder (5 counts)
  • Numerous Handgun Charges and Assault Charges


Circuit Court Judge Joseph Stanalonis. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

January 13, 2022 UPDATE:
The deceased victim has been identified as Joseph James Oakes,19, of 47415 Lucas Cove Road in St. Mary’s City, where court records show him residing as of March 29, 2021. Oakes was a white male born in November of 2002. The residence at which he was residing is a rental house owned by a Lexington Park contractor.

LEXINGTON PARK, MD. –  The Pegg Road leading to Chancellors Run Road from the main gate of the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division is becoming known as the Ghetto Bypass as the old downtown of Lexington Park continues to be the scene of shootings, street crimes, and murders.  St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron hoodwinked the St. Mary’s County Commissioners into funding a six-million-dollar Sheriff’s station on Great Mills Road which serves few other purposes than being a secure facility for deputies to use the restroom.

Sheriff Tim Cameron with two deputies inspect a hobo camp next to the Lexington Park Library, which he later ordered to be removed. The camp was a staging area for bums working at muggings along Great Mills Road. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo.

Ghetto-Trifecta shooting leaves one player dead of lead poisoning

A Ghetto-Trifecta shooting took place at Westbury Blvd. and Pegg Road just about rush hour on January 12, 2022, as heavy traffic was present on Great Mills Road, Chancellors Run Road, and Pegg Road.

On Wednesday, January 12, 2022, at 3:21 p.m. deputies from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department responded to Pegg Road, in the area of Westbury Boulevard in Lexington Park,
for the reported shooting. Deputies arrived on the scene and located two male victims suffering from gunshot wounds.

Sheriff spokeswoman Julie Yingling says lifesaving measures were attempted, but a 19-year-old victim from Lexington Park was pronounced deceased on the scene. A 17-year-old victim, also from Lexington Park, was flown to an area trauma center for treatment. Detectives and crime lab personnel from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Investigations Division responded to the scene and continued the investigation.
Preliminary investigation determined the victims were traveling in a vehicle in the area of Pegg Road and Watt Drive in Lexington Park when they were shot. The vehicle continued onto Westbury Boulevard and ultimately came to a rest after striking the median.

Westbury subdivision was developed between 2002 and 2012 as a mix of single-family homes and townhouses. Ironically, the neighborhoods near the scene of the shooting are comfortable homes with middle-income families, many of which work at Pax River NAS and for defense contractors.

MURDER USA: Gunshots End Life of Thug Antione Jamal Bowman in Pegg Road Neighborhood

Pegg Road serves as a speedway in the area with one resident complaining to the St. Mary’s County Commissioners at their Public Forum on Tuesday, January 11, 2022, that the speeding vehicles are not checked with traffic controls, law enforcement, speed bumps, or speed cameras, allowing the motorists who are speed demons to weave through traffic unobstructed by fines or barriers.

MURDER USA: Basketball beef turns to homicide! TWO SHOOTINGS IN ST. MARY’S COUNTY:  Two adults have been flown to trauma centers after gunfire at a teen center in Great Mills; the second scene near Lexington Park

Savoy was fleeing St. Mary’s deputies when he hit Carol Anderson head-on as he fled on Pegg Road in Lexington Park on March 3, 2018. Photo courtesy Bay District VFD

A recent crash perpetrated by a Lexington Park thug resulted in a double fatality barely one mile from the scene of the murderous exchange of gunfire on January 12, 2022.

CRIME & DECLINE OF LEXINGTON PARK: Armed hobo John Greenwell slashed Sheriff Deputy Carl Ball investigating thefts at Big Lots; shot by Deputy Ball to keep him from stabbing Deputy Dylan Glenn


At the St. Mary’s Board of Commissioners Public Forum, the Westbury resident asked for the Board to install roundabouts like the ones on the FDR Blvd.

GHETTO GUNMEN: CRIME AND DECLINE: Nathan Allen Nabbed with Loaded Gun in Crime Town

PUBLIC FORUM: Give us roundabouts on Pegg Road; top speed recorded in traffic study was 92 mph


A helicopter from WUSA9 News in Washington, D.C. caught aerial footage of the scene and reported that Sheriff Cameron now says one person has been verified to be dead from the gunfire.

LEXINGTON PARK CRIME AND DECLINE: Wild and Wooly – Robberies and Mayhem by Wahoo’s of Sin City break up the monotony of Wuhan Virus Crisis

Savoy crash that killed Carol Anderson on Pegg Road on March 3, 2019 Bay District VFD photo

Crime & Decline in Sin City: Cops seek hoodlums wanted for exchanging gunfire in Lexington Park night-fight and flight – SEE VIDEO OF GUNFIRE

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