TRADE SECRETS THEFT SAGA – No Honor Among Thieves & Shysters; Venable bails on clients in litigation, Ascential dumps digital liability


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TRADE SECRETS THEFT SAGA – No Honor Among Thieves & Shysters; Venable bails on clients in litigation, Ascential dumps digital liability

Venable bails on clients in litigation, Ascential dumps digital liability

News and Commentary

By Ken Rossignol


ANNAPOLIS, MD.  – The one-year dispute pending in United States District Court in Baltimore, filed on Valentine’s Day in 2022, has exploded into what may soon be a legal battle between one of the defendants and Maryland’s largest law firm with over 800 attorneys.

ANNAPOLIS, MAY 12, 1987 — The prominent Baltimore law firm of Venable, Baetjer & Howard agreed today to pay the state of Maryland $27 million for its role in the 1985 near-collapse of the state’s savings and loan industry. The agreement, believed to be the largest lawsuit settlement ever in Maryland, is the second-largest legal malpractice settlement in U.S. history.


 In short, defendant Ascential, an international concern allegedly in possession of stolen trade secrets, has been dumped by its attorneys at a time when its stock has plunged over the past year and thrown to the mercy of a new set of sharks in the dangerous waters of litigation, especially dangerous for investors who have purchased its stock in the last year.

Like so many relationships, Venable has fallen out of love with Ascential and told them to find a new set of sharks to defend them. What could be the reasons for the Shysters with the Mostest in Maryland to force well-heeled financial geniuses like Ascential to walk the plank? Only The Shadow knows!

Who is the new mouthpiece for Ascential?

Ty-Kelly-Cronin-is-a-former-Assistant-US-Attorney-in-the-criminal-trial-division-which-could-bring-much-needed-talent-to-the-defense-of-Ascential. Photo from Linkedin
Cronin worked as an assistant U.S. attorney for ten years in Maryland and was endorsed for her talent on Linkedin by Special Prosecutor John Hur, former U.S. Attorney for Maryland.
Former U.-S.-Attorney-for-Maryland-Robert-K.-Hur and newly appointed Special Prosecutor to oversee all of the many discoveries of classified documents in possession of President Joe Biden from the time he was vice president and out of office. reports: Baker Donelson shareholder Ty Kelly has been elected by the Firm’s shareholders to serve as a member of the Firm’s board of directors for a three-year term.

Ms. Kelly, a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, practices out of Baker Donelson’s Washington, D.C., and Baltimore offices. She represents companies and individuals in high-stakes litigation and white-collar criminal matters nationwide.

The new attorney for Ascential got a plea deal for the wife of a convicted Army contractor at Aberdeen for bribery conspiracy

former Army Contractor Sentenced To 30 Months In Federal Prison For Bribery Scheme Involving Contracts At Aberdeen Proving Ground

Baltimore, Maryland – United States District Judge George L. Russell III sentenced Matthew Barrow, age 45, of Toledo, Ohio, on April 10, 2019, to 30 months in federal prison, followed by three years of supervised release, on bribery charges related to contracting at the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command headquartered at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), in Harford County, Maryland.  Co-defendants John Kays, age 45, of Pinehurst, North Carolina (formerly of Bel Air, Maryland), and his wife, Danielle Kays, age 44, are currently serving federal prison sentences of six years and 18 months in prison, respectively, for their roles in the scheme.  The court previously issued an order that the defendants forfeit $1,487,135.52, as well as vehicles and a boat.

Sharks of Venable leave the battlefield, Ty Kelly Cronin enters appearance for Ascential

Compass Marketing filed litigation charging that two former Compass Marketing officials formed a new marketing firm, Flywheel Digital, after allegedly stealing trade secrets from Compass. The litigation includes allegations that two former members of the board of Directors of Compass and brothers of the owner of Compass, Maryland Judge Micheal White and former St. Mary’s Deputy States Attorney Daniel White, embezzled millions of dollars from Compass Marketing.


The litigation charges that Michael and Daniel White also assisted in the formation of Flywheel Digital by the former Hogan Administration powerhouse chief of the corruption-infested University of Maryland Medical Systems, James C. “Chip” DiPaula.

Maryland State Police Barrack Commander and former chief of Legislative Security Lt. George White is also named in theft and extortion allegations and may be guilty of stealing time on the job from the taxpayers of Maryland.

What has become a three-ring circus far above the abilities of most Maryland media to understand or to report about as they flail away on ways to defend the Biden administration and ignore one of the juiciest legal sagas in Maryland since the corruption of the Cardin crime family and the savings and loan scandals have left THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY the solemn responsibility to provide our reader’s insights into one of what may be revealed to be an unprecedented tale of small-town crooks, hot shot politicos, international financial fraud and another in a mind-boggling attempts by Red China to rip apart the economic engine of the United States. Yessiree, folks, it’s all here to enjoy for one-tenth of a dollar to watch such egomaniacs as Chip DiPaula, Patrick Miller, Dan White, Mike White, Duncan Painter, and some very smart lawyers at Venable perform in the Big Top.


The dam has broken in the one-year saga while many wait with bated breath for the feckless law clerks of Federal Judge George Russell III to come up with a brief for a decision that addresses the last motion of the defendants to dismiss the Compass lawsuit from one year ago.


With a pending decision by Judge Russell, Ascential is already blowing itself up into different divisions and shuffling key management as they fear a tsunami of trouble now, has to find a new law firm that will likely charge a premium retainer to take over a case that is full of stink, rot, and corruption. Any new set of lawyers will have to figure out why a team of very talented sharks at Venable would throw Ascential into the Chesapeake Bay like a big cooler of chum to a school of bull sharks. The actions of Ascential are more in line with a mafia outfit trying to hide assets and corporate bozos attempting to shuffle the deck chairs on the Titanic.



Compass Marketing, for 25 years an Annapolis-based firm and the developer of the stolen intellectual property in dispute with UK-based Ascential, confirms that it did, in fact, receive written notice from Venable LLP, counsel for several of the defendants, including Ascential, that Venable would withdraw from the current Theft of Trade Secrets, civil RICO, and extortion lawsuit.

The timing of this notice, and Ascential’s January 25, 2023, announcement of a restructuring of its board Chairman, CEO, COO, and spinoff of the Digital Flywheel division in dispute, appears to be more than a coincidence.

As the rightful developers of the stolen IP, Compass looks forward to working with the new UK Ascential management and their new Baltimore lawyers.  

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